Advanced Forecaster Workstation

Baron Lynx is a customizable forecaster workstation that can seamlessly integrate data from your entire meteorological network into one system. Lynx gives forecasters the ability to analyze data from radars, sensors, gauges, models, satellites and more simultaneously, resulting in more efficient and accurate forecasting.

Communicating alerts, warnings and everyday weather information is simple with the ability to post to social media, websites and apps directly from the Lynx interface. Deliver more engaging information and increase the visibility of your organization with captivating weather graphics and videos generated in Lynx.

Transform into a more efficient, accurate and effective meteorological organization, ready to perform at the highest level when it matters most with Baron Lynx.

Scientific Analysis and Forecasting

By providing a wealth of real-time radar and other meteorological data, Baron Lynx is a powerful weather analysis tool. Precision pathcasting enables the user to easily determine the properties of a storm, so they can communicate its severity and time of arrival for local communities. Specialized data for convective weather, flooding, winter weather, tropical environments and more are all available in the Baron Lynx system.

Baron offers multiple weather models, including hydrological and air quality models, that enable more accurate and in-depth forecasts with actionable information. Numerical weather prediction models are fully editable, allowing forecasters to make manual adjustments to create a forecast that matches their observations and knowledge.

Integrate Local Data

Easily ingest local meteorological data to complement the arsenal of data prebuilt into your Lynx system. Get an even clearer picture of local conditions with the integration of IP cameras, giving users a real-time look at actual conditions on the ground. With local, regional and worldwide data available, Baron Lynx is truly a global weather system that can meet all your local needs.

Flexible Interface in Your Language

Baron Lynx showing Russian language interface.

Baron Lynx was designed to be user friendly. The interface is available in any language and is customizable so the map views and data products that best fit into your workflow are never more than a click away. Custom preset workspaces can be created and saved for specific weather scenarios.

Automated Workflows for Increased Efficiency

Automated functionality in Baron Lynx will reduce staff workload, resulting in a more efficient operation. Current data automatically populates, allowing forecasters to start analyzing and distributing data as soon as they launch the system without having to make any manual edits. Sophisticated Baron post-processing algorithms cue the user to a variety of weather-related threats, including potential tornadic activity, dangerous road conditions and more.

Lynx systems can communicate with each other, allowing you to automatically share the sequences you create across all systems. It’s intelligent, intuitive and scalable to fit your work environment.


Baron Lynx example of velocity data analysis.

Get a clear, comprehensive picture of weather conditions with Baron Lynx scientific displays. Analyze data down to the street level and pinpoint the local impact of a storm with high-resolution displays. Baron Lynx volumetric imaging technology offers a 3D look inside a storm. Lynx offers a wealth of mapping options, including 3D terrain, so you can customize the view to your needs.

Fast and Effective Communication

Distribute weather information, including alerts and warnings, directly from your Baron Lynx system. Your websites and apps can be automatically and continuously populated with the latest radar imagery and forecasts with no intervention required on the part of the user. Posts that include engaging videos and graphics produced in Lynx can be published to your organization’s Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the interface.