X-Band Magnetron

a photo of a transportable X-band magnetron radarBuilt upon an entirely new design, Baron Gen3 X-band radar provides a critical data input to value-added products, numerical and hydrological modeling, alerting and display for decision makers and the public. Industry-leading accuracy enables more informed and effective weather alerting, helping reduce loss of life during inclement weather.

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Powered by a 300,000-Watt Magnetron
With a peak power of 300 kW, the Baron Gen3 X-band radar delivers superior weather detection for mobile and research applications.

Flexibility and Customization
In addition to the delivery of Baron radar systems according to user requirements, these radar also allow more customized control of volume coverage pattern (VCP) modes, allowing accurate analysis to be performed on-the-fly at any time. The system can be provided via mobile, transportable or fixed configurations.

Remote System Monitoring and 24/7 Support


Built-in test equipment provides automatic notification to personnel if potential issues occur. These notifications can be sent via email or text message. Additionally, meteorologists from the Baron operations center are available to address questions and troubleshooting around the clock.

Scientific Visualization

Baron Gen3 radar data display is provided through the Baron Lynx system. This powerful, flexible display allows scientific analysis of complex weather patterns, along with localized pathcasting, futurecasting of radar data, forecast model display, RHI radar analysis, briefings presentation, social/web sharing and much more. Lynx can serve as a powerful visualization hub for your entire meteorological network.

Web and App Distribution

Web tools provide easy distribution of Baron radar data to a host of other devices, from display in apps and exported video, to access via any public or secure website.

Imagery from your Baron radar can be distributed using other methods. Systems integration allows data to be shared throughout your entire network. Additionally, API (Application Programming Interface) integration allows radar imagery to be incorporated into your own custom developments, including web and mobile apps.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain

Wide-access panels provide easy access to major components, reducing man hours on preventive maintenance and repair. Pedestal motors deliver rugged durability, and can be easily replaced without removing the elevation head. Spare parts can be shared across multiple systems in the field, which reduces costs and maximizes up-time.

Dual-Polarization as Standard Option

Simultaneous horizontal and vertical transmission results in more precision analysis for flooding, hail, winter precipitation and tornadoes.

Baron is a pioneer in dual-polarization radar, upgrading the NEXRAD network to dual-pol, and developing the first commercial dual-pol radar for broadcast television. The company also applies value-added data processing to dual-polarimetric information, resulting in more precise detection of flooding, hail, winter weather and tornado debris signatures.