Public Safety

When inclement weather threatens, you need the most accurate data to keep people safe. Regardless of your organization, Baron weather monitoring and alerting solutions allow you to easily identify risks, track danger and alert the community, staff or student body to impending threats. When every second counts, you can count on Baron to help you deliver fast, dependable weather intelligence that saves lives.


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  • Jimmy Stowers

    Director of Business Development

    Jimmy specializes in weather solutions that increase the safety of universities and venues during every type of weather event. With 18 years of experience in cultivating strong business relationships, he is passionate about taking care of his customers, and is always focused on representing Baron with integrity.

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  • Cliff Windham

    Manager, Public Safety Solutions

    Cliff focuses on the Baron Mobile Threat Net business, providing emergency management and other public safety agencies, along with businesses, schools, universities, storm chasers and more with mobile storm tracking solutions.

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