API Weather Data

Intelligent Severe Weather Analysis

When severe weather threatens, the Baron Weather API helps users identify the threat, anticipate the impact, and plan accordingly.

In addition to radar and exclusive specialized data products for hail and flooding detection, you also get invaluable tools for identification of tornadoes. When the system detects the rotating wind patterns indicative of possible tornadoes, those locations are instantly depicted on the map for your inspection.

This data is backed by patented processing techniques, automatically analyzing radar data and pinpointing the threats. So you know where to focus your attention and resources when it matters most.

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Evaluate Weather's Impacts on Roadways and the Community

road weather conditions

The weather’s effects on roadways can result in extremely hazardous situations. High-resolution forecast models for precipitation, temperature, accumulation and more allow you to prepare for expected conditions, four days in advance. Additionally, once the storm arrives, radar and current condition reports allow you to evaluate the impact as it unfolds, and make any adjustments to your response plan.

The Baron Weather API gives you valuable insight into both current and forecast road conditions. So if a heavy rainfall or winter weather event make roads problematic for your crews and the public, you’ll be prepared. You can query any area on the map to determine whether icy, flooded or slippery roads are a concern in your area, and 24-hour forecast data lets you prepare for the impact an upcoming weather event will have on roads.

Daily Essentials

Weather is a part of everyday life. So if gusty winds, fog or temperature extremes are the greatest concern, the Baron Weather API gives you a holistic view of any weather affecting your region, as well as the entire country. In the event of non-weather hazards like chemical spills, data like forecast wind speed and direction can be an invaluable asset when executing your mitigation plan.

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Monitor Tropical Outbreaks

If your area of responsibilities is within reach of a hurricane or tropical storm, the Baron Weather API can help you prepare. Forecast precipitation and winds give you a look at expected conditions four days in advance. Other data like National Hurricane Center forecast tracks and Hurricane Hunter flight data show you just what you’ll be dealing with when the storm arrives.