Custom Applications

Baron Cloud Data Services on multiple platformsFor your custom projects, we offer a suite of flexible development tools that provide easy integration into your own systems and services. Tools include a flexible weather API, a mobile SDK and an ArcGIS plug-in. All bring critical weather intelligence to your public and internal services.


Weather Overlays in Your App and Web Services

Every transportation department across the country has different needs. From the data to the development, we provide several options for delivering accurate weather information to crews, personnel and the public.

  • Fuel your 511 app or websites with weather intelligence using the Baron Weather API.
  • Bring a high-quality weather map with exclusive data into your app with the Baron Mobile SDK.
  • The Baron ArcGIS Toolkit allows you to track assets in real-time along with an accurate weather overlay, using your existing custom ArcGIS implementation.

weather overlays in your app

Easy Integration

easy integration with the Baron Weather API

No matter your implementation, a familiar development environment ensures fast, efficient integration. We provide extensive API documentation, and a dedicated support technician can work with you through the process. We’re here to help build the right solution for you. Common file formats and REST architecture mean you can use existing protocols and libraries, helping you get up and running fast.

Trusted, Accurate Data

At the end of the day, it’s all about the data. Weather information is provided to your custom projects with the Baron Weather API. With it, you can integrate essentials like road weather (current and forecast), radar data, temperatures, flooding data and more. Predictive forecast models allow you easily determine the conditions to prepare for in your region of responsibility.

Additionally, specialized per-interpreted data products for flooding, hail, wind shear and winter weather can be just as easily integrated. Collectively, Baron road weather data ensures year-round road weather intelligence—vital to keeping crews and road travel both safe and efficient in your area of operation.

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