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The road ahead is full of challenges. free trial to Baron Threat NetBaron Threat Net is your one-stop resource for fast and reliable road weather information. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac, actionable information is at your command. Use Threat Net’s accurate data to anticipate weather hazards, protect crews and drivers, and keep traffic moving smoothly. All in a day’s work.


Comprehensive Road Weather Data

Our meteorologist team has collective decades of experience in road weather forecasting. With Baron Threat Net, you don’t need to be a forecaster to monitor roadways in your area of responsibility. Slippery, icy roads, flooded roads, or those impacted by severe weather are accurately depicted on the map. Exclusive data is generated by patented algorithms for enhanced accuracy, quality-controlled by our team of forecasters. There’s even exclusive road conditions forecast data, so you can see how weather will impact roadways over the next 24 hours, allowing you to make a better action plan, and effectively dispatch resources.

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Easy to Use on Any Device

Threat Net works with any web-enabled browser, providing full control over your map views and displayed data. Simple taps and swipes select data and move the map. Street-level mapping—including highways, interstates and even minor streets—as well as communities is clearly labeled, with street-level detail befitting Threat Net’s high-resolution weather data. Plus, if crews are equipped with a GPS-enabled tablet and 3G/4G reception, they can see their current location pinpointed on the map, relative to surrounding weather.

For smart phones, we provide a complementary app—powerful and easy to use, with most of the capability as the main website. So wherever the task takes you, with Baron Threat Net, mission-critical weather data is just a tap or click away.

Predict Weather Threats

Days in advance, you can monitor the impact that extreme heat or an upcoming weather event may have in your area of operation. Forecast data for precipitation and temperature, for example, help you evaluate how an approaching winter event may affect roadways and communities. Evaluate the likelihood that extreme heat will lead to increased tire blowouts and increased accidents. Or you can use accumulations and wind forecast data to see where a tropical system is likely to cause problems for roadways and evacuation routes.

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Get Alerts for Important Locations

Get a vital heads-up on the weather-related threats to your region of responsibility. You can customize the system to alert you for any GPS point or address on the map. Ideal locations might be historically ice or flood-prone roads, and your own assets. Anytime inclement weather or a National Weather Service warning affecting a location is issued, you get an instant alert on the map, through an email, or as a text message on your phone.

Alert types include:

  • Proximity alerts for approaching lightning, hail, snow and rain
  • Exclusive Baron alerts for severe storms and tornadoes
  • National Weather Service warnings

Intelligent Storm Analysis

Baron Threat Net does the meteorology for you. Our intelligent data products allow you to pinpoint the location of flooding rains, hail and potential tornadoes, helping you identify the areas affected, then plan and respond accordingly. The insight you gain helps you keep crews and drivers safe, while ensure smooth flow of traffic.

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Historical Weather Data

historical weather data

An optional addition to your Threat Net account, Baron Historical Weather Data allows you to view archived road conditions, and weather data like radar, severe threats and more from the last week, month or year—or even up to 8 years ago. Use this information to conduct severe weather exercises, replaying an event as it unfolded in real-time. When you request a free trial to Baron Threat Net, historical data can be included in your trial plan, giving you access to a variety of archived weather data from up to 7 days in the past.