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severe weather trackingFor your custom displays and apps, the Baron Weather API allows you to integrate precision weather data for enhanced prediction and mitigation of weather risks. Actionable weather information, including radar, winds aloft, lightning strike data and much more, can be overlaid onto localized mapping. The result? Informed and effective decision-making at street-level.


U.S. and Global Weather Data

You choose the data you want to integrate. Radar. Lightning. Storm Tracks. Road conditions. Intelligent data for flooding, hail and tornadoes. Both basic and Baron-exclusive data products are available. Additionally, plentiful forecast data allows personnel to examine expected winds, cloud cover precipitation and more, helping anticipate atmospheric and road weather conditions affecting your region of responsibility over the next several days.

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Rapid Deployment

easy integration with the Baron Weather API

We designed the Baron Weather API to get you up and running quickly. That means common file formats and protocols. Plus it’s a REST API, so you can use your favorite libraries. Data is available in graphical and text formats, while extensive documentation and technical support help you through the entire process. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We will work with you to build the right solution for your needs.

Reliable. Scalable.

All mission-critical weather data is backed by proven meteorological expertise with a reputation for accuracy. Multiple data centers ensure 99.9% service reliability and robust scalability to meet the demands of rigorous use.

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