Baron Threat Net

free trial to Baron Threat NetBaron Threat Net is your one-stop resource for fast, reliable weather information. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac, actionable information on weather and road conditions is at your command.

Easy to use yet incredibly powerful, the system does the work for you. No matter the weather, you can prepare, plan and respond with the insights of a meteorologist–without needing to be one.


Easy to Use on Any Device

The service works with any web-enabled browser, providing full control over your map views and displayed data. Simple taps and swipes select data, and move the map. Local mapping is clearly labeled, with street-level detail befitting Threat Net’s high-resolution weather data. Plus, if you have a GPS-enabled tablet with 3G/4G reception, you can see your location depicted on the map as an overlay.

For use on smart phones, we provide a complementary app—powerful and easy to use, with most of the capability as the main service. So wherever the task takes you, with Baron Threat Net, mission-critical weather data is just a tap or click away.

Comprehensive and Intelligent Weather Data

With Baron Threat Net, you don’t need to be a meteorologist to track weather’s impact on your area of responsibility, including unique road weather conditions and forecasts. With more than 50 data products included, 18 of which are Baron-exclusive, the greatest threats in your area can be quickly and accurately identified. So whether it’s severe, winter or tropical weather, you can ensure your preparation and response plans are effective.

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The Most Accurate Storm Tracking

precision storm tracking and weather alerts

Baron Storm Vectors do the meteorology for you, automatically identifying high winds, hail and possible tornadoes. These threats are pinpointed on the map with color-coded arrows pointing in the storm’s direction of movement. Click the arrow to automatically track the storm, viewing the storm’s expected path and estimated times of arrival in communities.

Our storm tracks are more accurate than what you’ll find in other weather websites, because they are designed to locate the strongest areas of storms, not just the storm center. We also make use of the latest radar technologies to enhance our storm tracks. All this means threats can be detected earlier, with more accurate placement and community arrival forecasts.

Get Alerts for Important Locations

You can define custom locations important to you on the map, such as local schools or city hall. Anytime inclement weather or a National Weather Service warning that affects a location is issued, you get an instant alert on the map, through an email, or as a text message on your phone.

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Historical Weather Data

historical weather data

An optional addition to your Threat Net account, Baron Historical Weather Data allows you to view archived radar, hail and tornado detection, flooding data and more from the last week, month or year—or even up to 8 years ago. Use this information to conduct severe weather exercises, replaying an event as it unfolded in real-time, or identify affected areas for more effective post-event response. When you request a free trial to Baron Threat Net, historical data can be included in your trial plan, giving you access to a variety of archived weather data from up to 7 days in the past.

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