Mobile Threat Net

Not every storm happens in an area with dependable Wi-Fi or cellular data service. When public safety is a concern and response time is critical, Baron Mobile Threat Net® helps emergency crews and storm spotters get to the right locations safely, with mission-critical weather data delivered by satellite.

Rapidly Updated Weather Information

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Monitor severe weather on a street-level map with nationwide NEXRAD radar, lightning, satellite and value-added data, like Baron’s patented storm tracks. Simply click a storm track, and communities in the path of severe storms and tornadoes are instantly displayed, along with estimated times of arrival. You can also overlay your current position on the map using our integrated GPS device.

Choose from Several Set-Up Options


The system runs on almost any Windows PC, and comes with a portable data receiver, allowing you to easily connect the system in your vehicle or office. Enjoy a variety of connectivity options, including USB and wireless Bluetooth.

Get Precision Weather Information Wherever You Go


Never again worry about data delivery issues linked to power, Internet and cell phone outages. Mobile Threat Net uses a reliable signal from XMWX Satellite Weather, strong and resistant to signal loss due to rain fade. And since the data is satellite-delivered, you don’t need an Internet connection to receive accurate weather information.

Quality Controlled for Accuracy


Rigorous quality control by the Baron staff of degreed meteorologists means you receive the most up-to-date and accurate weather information. Designed for high-stress situations, Mobile Threat Net’s easy point-and-click interface delivers data to you quickly and efficiently. For more information, or to schedule a demo, please contact Cliff Windham at (256) 881-8811.

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