Road Weather

Always be Prepared for what the Road Ahead Brings

It pays to know what lies ahead, especially when it comes to weather’s impact on roadways. Delivering a suite of innovative road weather solutions to automakers, Tier 1 providers and trucking companies, Baron can help protect and grow your bottom line. All with a single, trusted vendor.

Our road weather data is provided to your products and services via a robust data feed with 99.9% uptime. Baron technology’s benefits include:

  • Keeping drivers and cargo safe
  • Holding costs down
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing risk
  • Adding unique differentiators to products and services

Exclusive Data

Baron offers over 200 meteorological data products, including more than 60 Baron exclusives. Below are just a few of our data products designed to help fleet organizations and drivers plan routes ahead of time to avoid inclement weather, get better situational awareness around storms, and reduce weather-related accidents:

  • Current Conditions
  • Baron Current Road Conditions (exclusive)
  • Baron 72-hour Road Conditions Forecast (exclusive)
  • Current and Forecasted Pavement Temps (exclusive)
  • Baron Hi-Res North American Radar
  • Baron Hi-Res Model – Snow Accumulation
  • Baron Storm Vectors (exclusive)
  • Baron Nationwide Damaging Wind
  • Historical Weather Data

Easy to Implement

Baron’s data is scalable to meet the needs of any size of organization and can be delivered via multiple methods. We offer development support to guarantee the delivery or integration of your data and services is done correctly and efficiently. Our data is delivered securely and will meet privacy requirements.


Put Baron’s exclusive weather data directly in the hands of your drivers and operations team by seamlessly integrating our data into your analytics, planning, monitoring and display applications. The Baron Weather API (Application Programming Interface) is a customizable, flexible, and reliable data feed that provides easy access to precision weather data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers the Baron API and delivers reliable robust data distribution with technology targeted towards success.

weather data in navigation


Weather information can be added as a layer to your maps through the seamless integration of Baron weather data into your GIS solution, including ArcGIS platforms, without the need for developers on your end. The accurate information Baron delivers about the location, time and severity of a weather event allows for in-depth analysis of the impact to your operations and assets. Our high-resolution weather data is viewable down to the street level so you can focus on individual places of interest.


The web-based Baron Threat Net can help your company mitigate weather risk through accurate, street-level weather and road conditions data for trucking. Accessible on any desktop or tablet browser, along with a companion app for mobile devices, the system ensures your managers and drivers have complete fleet weather awareness—now, and for the road ahead. In addition to daily essentials like radar, temperature and more, Baron Threat Net automatically interprets and displays weather’s effects on roadways. You and your drivers will know what’s likely to be encountered on the road ahead, helping improve rerouting decisions and minimizing shipping delays.

road weather conditions forecast


From the moment you launch with Baron, you have access to unique forecast and detection weather data and 24/7 customer support to guide your weather success. Baron provides access to meteorologists and developers to help you build best in class weather functionality into your software platform, business applications or websites. Baron weather specialists are always available to answer questions about your Baron products and provide meteorological expertise and training for your mission-critical weather data needs.


Want to get accurate and exclusive driver alerts into your products? The Baron Pinpoint Alerting SDK makes it happen—from basic notifications such as National Weather Service warnings to products based on sophisticated data processing. Drivers can receive alerts anytime they’re approached by lightning, snowfall, hail, wintry mixes, or rain. Exclusive alerts for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes are also provided, so weather intelligence is onboard with every journey.

If you’d prefer to configure your own alert triggers in-house, you can use the Baron Weather API to ingest weather data and perform your own data processing. Generate your own alerts based on custom triggers, such as specific amounts of rainfall and snowfall, and display them via apps or directly on the navigation display.

location-specific weather alerts

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Free Trial

We offer a free, no-commitment trial of our Transportation Weather data that includes the following products:

  • 72-Hour Forecast of Road Weather
  • Damaging Winds for High Profile Vehicles
  • Ice/Snow
  • Flooding
  • Visibility Forecast

Take advantage of this free trial. See how fleets stay efficient and profitable with Baron weather intelligence. Sign up here.