Driving Weather

Moving weather forward.

a screenshot of infotainment weatherFor over a decade, Baron has provided driving weather data to hundreds of thousands of vehicles across the U.S., working with prominent automakers like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Infiniti and more, through our partnership with Sirius XM.

Backed by reliable and continuous data delivery, we now offer an enhanced driving weather service through easy-to-implement development tools, including a flexible data API and a series of toolkits for alerting, mobile apps and the web. Additionally, global datasets ensure efficient implementation.

With Baron, your customer experience is enriched, your connected vehicle data is more complete, and drivers are safer. Not a bad road to be on.

Infotainment Weather

Provide your customers with a daily weather overview, each time they get behind the wheel. Whether a simplified display of current conditions with a 7-day forecast or a GPS map of weather and road conditions, drivers receive accurate intelligence for everyday decision-making, right on the navigation unit display.

a screenshot of infotainment weather in China on a GPS device

Real Time Routing Around Threats

Road weather threats, from flooded and icy conditions, to the prospect of hail and high winds, pose an obvious danger to motorists. Through the easy-to-integrate Baron Weather API, you can implement GPS-enabled weather and traffic alerts into your head unit displays, providing vital eyes-on-road awareness of hazards like heavy rainfall, snow, severe weather and more.

It’s your implementation, so you can integrate however you see fit, including the use of audible alerts. We’ll support you throughout the process with extensive documentation and dedicated onboarding support.

an image of real-time routing around road weather threats

Accurate, Comprehensive Data

The data you choose to integrate is entirely up to you. Both basic weather data, as well as Baron-exclusive data products, are ready for easy integration into your platforms. Many of these products are global, so they’re easy to implement across multiple regions.

  • US/Canada/Europe/Australian Radar
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Lightning
  • Current and Forecast Road Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Driver Weather
  • Global Forecast Snowfall
  • Global Forecast Radar
  • Global Forecast Wind Speed and Direction
  • Global Forecast Rainfall Accumulation
  • Global Weather Observations
  • Global Satellite Imagery
  • NWS Watches and Warnings
  • Global Temperature and Wind Speed
  • FutureScan Radar

diverse weather imagery

Free Trial

We are offering you a no-commitment, free trial  of our Transportation Weather data that includes the following products:

  • 72-Hour Forecast of Road Weather
  • Damaging Winds for High Profile Vehicles
  • Ice/Snow
  • Flooding
  • Visibility Forecast

Take advantage of this free trial. See how effective Baron weather intelligence can be at keeping drivers safe on the road. Sign up here.