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Maximize efficiency. Improve safety. Increase your bottom line.

trucking in inclement road weatherAccording to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the cost of weather-related delays to the freight industry are estimated at $8.659 billion annually. With Baron, fleet managers and drivers have more information for making effective decisions toward the safety and efficiency of operations. It’s all about critical weather intelligence on the road, from radar and forecast conditions to patented road conditions data, and much more. Integrating accurate and detailed weather information into your fleet logistics can offer major benefits, including:

  • Personnel are more aware of trucks’ proximity to inclement weather, allowing drivers to reroute around problematic road conditions
  • Shipping efficiency and safety are increased by avoiding costly accidents and delays
  • Your bottom line benefits through well-informed business decisions
  • Driver retention is higher, thanks to advanced technology, improved safety and better driver coaching services

Be Prepared and Plan Ahead

With weather and road data from Baron, you and your drivers will always know what lies on the road ahead. Street-level makes for easy of the safest and most optimal routes to avoid delays and dangerous conditions. Baron’s exclusive 72-hour Road Weather Forecast will give your organization an accurate picture of how snowy, icy, wet, and flooded road conditions could impact your operations over the coming days.

The Baron catalog of current and forecast road weather data includes:

  • Current Roadway Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Roadway Weather
  • Forecast Road Conditions
  • High-Resolution Radar
  • Forecast Precipitation, Rain/Snow Accumulation, Wind, Temperature and more
  • National Weather Service Watches & Warnings
  • Current Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility/Fog
  • 24-Hour Rainfall Accumulation
  • Critical Weather Indicators for potential tornadoes
  • Plus more

Risk Management

Safety and efficiency are crucial in running a successful shipping business. Introducing the Baron Weather Archive. With the archive, you can better foresee delays and anticipate any dangers your drivers are likely to experience on a particular roadway, based on historical factors. Road risk can then be evaluated accordingly. Incredibly powerful and endlessly flexible, the Baron Weather Archive brings with it an entirely new class of fleet risk management.

risk management in trucking

Accident Recreation

It’s a dangerous world. With the Baron Weather Archive, you can protect your business and bottom line by viewing road and weather conditions just before and during the time of an accident. Accurate historical weather data—road conditions, radar, and much more means more effective accident recreation; attaching the exported information to your insurance report fortifies your business against liability by revealing all the weather-related details behind every accident.

Baron historical road and weather data products include:

  • Roadway Conditions: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Threats: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Current Weather: Cloudy, Freezing Rain/Ice, Light Rain, Heavy Freezing Rain/Ice
  • Radar data (Entire US, Canadian, Australian, European)
  • Baron Hail Path
  • Baron High Wind Path
  • Rainfall data
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Surface conditions
  • Plus more

accident recreation

Automated ELD Notifications

Drive safety alerts can be sent automatically to Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) anytime inclement weather or road conditions threaten. You can use the Baron Weather API to build your own triggering parameters, using custom thresholds that you define, from a diverse array of data products.

autoamted ELD notifications

Free Trial

We are offering you a no-commitment, free trial  of our Transportation Weather data that includes the following products:

  • 72-Hour Forecast of Road Weather
  • Damaging Winds for High Profile Vehicles
  • Ice/Snow
  • Flooding
  • Visibility Forecast

Take advantage of this free trial. See how fleets stay efficient and profitable with Baron weather intelligence is helping. Sign up here.