Baron Lynx - Spring 2017 Release

GPS Tracking

You can now track news vehicles and other mobile assets in real-time on the Lynx map, allowing you to show the exact locations of live reporters, storm chasers, EMA crews and spotters. Each vehicle is displayed using any of several provided icon designs, with customizable text labels. Your graphics department can also create your own icon styles, and add them easily to the system.

Note: This capability requires a GPS fleet tracking subscription. US Fleet Tracking is currently supported. Please ask your Baron representative about support for other GPS providers.


Storm and Squall Track Enhancements

Numerous adjustments are now available for manually drawn storm and squall tracks. These can be shown in both Analysis and Creation modes, for display in Show Prep. Edits made to manual Storm and Squall Tracks now update automatically in Creation mode.

You can now adjust the storm and squall track parameters for:

  • Storm base width (storm tracks only)
  • Storm fan angle (storm tracks only)
  • Storm duration
  • Storm speed
  • Track length
  • Track direction
  • The first city to appear in the ETA list for a manually drawn storm
  • Show range for cities


LSR Enhancements

Local Storm Reports (LSRs) can now be queried, displaying in a customizable marquee, which can also be exported to Show Prep.


Wall Interaction Enhancements

For users with Baron Hand Tracker or touchscreen solutions. Toolbar child panels can now auto-retract after use. This is the default function on your updated system. When uploading new toolbar button graphics, the graphics for each state (on, off, hover, clicked) now automatically populate as long as their file names mirror the naming structure in your existing Lynx system. This structure is:

  • <action name>-on
  • <action name>-off
  • <action name>-clicked
  • <action name>-hover

 Other Enhancements

  • NWS Watches & Warnings now update automatically in Creation Mode.
  • Numerous performance improvements