New Baron Lynx and Data Update

We’ll be in touch with your weather center soon to schedule your update to the new Baron Lynx software. In the meantime, here’s a look at the new features and data you’ll soon be able to access! When you get the update, new on-demand training videos will be available on our Facebook user group to show you how everything works. If you’re a customer meteorologist, please email Stephen McCloud, our Weather Operations Manager, and request to join now if you’re not already a member, so you’ll be ready to get up and running.

Hand Tracker

You can now use Baron Lynx at the Chroma key for weather coverage at the wall. Easy-to-reach, unobtrusive buttons allow you to pan, zoom, telestrate, storm track, switch products, switch views, and access the premier severe weather content in the business—all without you having to leave the frame.

As with our weather data itself, precision is paramount. Our technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision, like that used in law enforcement, so not only is the Baron Hand Tracker more accurate now, it’ll continue to get better and smarter in the future, through free software updates we’ll be making regularly available.

Note: This capability is optional for existing customers, and standard for new purchases. Please ask your Baron representative for more information.

Current Road Conditions

This new data helps you reveal winter weather’s impact on local roadways. Building on our decade-long history of providing accurate road weather directly into automobiles, this data product is created with several data inputs, including the Baron model (with our land surface and pavement model products), observations, radar data, Baron-derived accumulation and precipitation rate, and the Baron precipitation mask.

Current Road Conditions data is packed with exclusive analysis, but ultimately it means better accuracy and winter weather storytelling for you and your audience.


Frame Capture

You can now quickly select individual Analysis Mode frame views for easy integration into the rest of your show. Each frame can be tied to any data product, such as Baron Gen3 radar data, NEXRAD, satellite data and more. Export frames into Show Prep for seamless playback, whether sequentially or interspersed with the rest of your show. You can also export them into Creation Mode, adding specific explainer graphics or banners. Frames update automatically with the latest available data.

Mapping Enhancements

Now, when you make map movements to different areas, the mapping will load more quickly, so you get a great-looking view every time.

Other New Enhancements

  • You can now disable contouring of radial products.
  • We added a new option to the Setup -> Color Palettes menu, “Force use of Palette Descriptions”. This lets you display text instead of numerical values, and works best for forecast products.
  • The map manipulator now turns off when you are using pixel query in Analysis Mode
  • Baron is providing a new clicker to customers of the Hand Tracker. Here is the functionality provided in the new remote.
    • Button 1 – Left Mouse Click
    • Button 2 – Middle Mouse Click
    • Button 3 – Right Mouse Click
    • Button 4 – Reverse One Frame
    • Button 5 – Play/Advance
    • Button 6 – Panic
  • When using pixel query in quad-panel view, you can now hold down the control key to query a single panel at a time.
  • On touch panel systems, you are now returned to the most recent frame after lapses end.
  • Also for touch systems, the map manipulator no longer defaults to “on” when you change tools.