Mobile Link FAQ

Viewing XM WX Data on Your Mobile Device

What equipment do I need to use the Mobile Link?

In addition to an XM WX subscription, you need the following hardware components:

  • WxWorx data receiver*
  • The Mobile Link unit
  • A compatible smart phone or tablet – check with your app’s developer to verify Mobile Link support
  • An XM antenna – if you’re a current subscriber, the XM antenna you already have can be used with Mobile Link applications
  • Power cable – the cable comes included with the Mobile Link device, along with an AC/DC converter that allows you to use either an AC or DC power supply

*Compatible receivers: any generation of WxWorx data receiver (including the receiver supplied with Anywhere Map systems), and the Heads Up Technologies XMD-075-01. A compatible receiver requires a USB connection between the Mobile Link and the receiver itself.

For questions about installation in specific setups and models of aircraft, please call (256) 881-8811.

If you are a new XM WX Satellite Weather subscriber:
Call SiriusXM Customer Service 1-800-985-9200. Be sure to have your payment information and data package selection handy. More information is available at

If you are currently an XM WX Satellite Weather subscriber:
Connecting the Mobile Link unit to your receiver doesn’t change your account status, so no phone calls to customer service are required. If you have purchased a new weather data receiver for the Mobile Link, you will need to call customer service at 1-800-985-9200 to have your Radio ID transferred to the new receiver.

What kind of data and power connections are used between the XM WX data receiver and my Mobile Link?
The configuration varies according to the XM WX data receiver being connected to the Mobile Link. This chart depicts the type of hardware needed for each compatible receiver type.


Where can I purchase Mobile Link equipment?

Mobile Link and compatible accessories are available separately or as a bundle in the WxWorx Store.

Technical Questions

How do I update my Mobile Link’s firmware?

Download the firmware update by executing the steps below: 

  1. Right-click and save this file to your PC/laptop’s Desktop or Downloads folder. (Note: You cannot update the firmware from an iPad connected to the Mobile Link.)
  2. Connect a PC/laptop with the downloaded file to the Mobile Link’s Wi-Fi signal.
  3. Open a browser and enter the following URL:
  4. Enter username “admin” and password “mobile11”.
  5. Click the Mobile Link firmware update box in the lower left of the Mobile Link control panel.
  6. Browse to the file on your PC and select to begin your update.

What are the weight and dimensions of the Baron Mobile Link?

The Baron Mobile Link device is 4.4” W x 6.4”L x 1.2” H. The unit weighs 0.4 lbs.

Is the Baron Mobile Link FCC-certified?

Yes, the FCC ID code is TK4-WLM54GP.

Is there a warranty on the Baron Mobile Link?

The Baron Mobile Link has a 90 day warranty.

What is the Baron Mobile Link’s wireless signal range?

The maximum reception distance for the Baron Mobile Link is 30 meters (98’).

What apps work with Mobile Link?

Currently the following apps integrate XM WX Satellite Weather using the Baron Mobile Link:

For iOS:

ForeFlight Mobile HD

Garmin Pilot

GlobalNavSource EFB

For Android:

Garmin Pilot

How long is the USB cable for the WxWorx weather receiver?

It is 2 meters (6‘ 10”) long.

Can the Mobile Link utilize the WxWorx WR-10/BT receiver’s integrated GPS?

Not currently.

What kind of power connection does the Mobile Link accept?

The Baron Mobile Link is power by DC power from the vehicle, through a cigarette lighter plug-in cable (included). A DC-AC converter is also provided for electrical conversion.

How is the WxWorx receiver powered when connected to the Baron Mobile Link?

The WxWorx Gen 2 (REW9ID) and Gen 3 (WR10) are powered through the USB cable from the Baron Mobile Link. The first generation WxWorx weather receiver requires a connection to an external power source.

Can a Bluetooth WxWorx weather receiver provide data to the Baron Mobile Link?

No, weather data is transferred to the Baron Mobile Link through the USB cable which is a hardwired link between the two boxes. The Baron Mobile Link is not Bluetooth-capable.

What is the Mobile Link’s voltage range?

The Mobile Link has a power range of 9-18 volts AC/DC. It is equipped with a fuse that protects the unit from any electrical surge that may occur during normal operations.

Will the Mobile Link work with a 28-volt system, or do you have to install an inline resister to reduce the electrical power down to accommodate the unit?

The Mobile Link has a power range of 9-18 volts AC/DC. If you’d like to power the device with 28 volts, you will need to purchase a power converter from the WxWorx Store. The converter has an inline resister that only passes the minimum required electricity to power the Mobile Link.

Can the Baron Mobile Link be integrated into an aircraft equipped with Heads Up Technologies’ XMD-075-01 or XMD-076 weather data link receiver?

Yes, the Heads Up Technologies XMD-075-01 and XMD-076 are compatible with the Baron Mobile Link. The XMC-075-01 is capable of USB connectivity to the Baron Mobile Link, and will provide the same capability as the WxWorx weather receiver. When using the Mobile Link with the XMD-075-01, users must utilize the XMD-PRT (data port). This device converts the receiver’s RS-422 connection to USB, which the Mobile Link accepts. The Baron Mobile Link connects to the Heads Up Technologies XMD-076 via an RS232/9-pin serial connection. Using this connection will require users to go into the Mobile Link Admin Panel and set the Radio Connection to Serial.

Can I use the portable XM antenna with a heated windshield?

No, due to interference issues, a certified Comant/ComDat antenna is recommended.

If an aircraft has a hard-mounted Comant/ComDat XM antenna, will the Baron Mobile Link/WxWorx receiver be able to connect and function using the outside antenna?

Yes, as long as the antenna attachment has an SMA connection to the 2nd or 3rd-generation WxWorx receivers, an outside fuselage mounted antenna will work. 1st-generation WxWorx data receivers must be equipped with an SMA-Fakra adapter.

Can the Baron Mobile Link be hardwired into an aircraft’s electrical system? If so, how?

Yes it can, as long as there is an inline fuse (1.5 amp/250 watts) wired into the power cable. The power can be wired off a 2-amp circuit breaker, but if a permanent power installation is performed, an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) form 337 must be submitted to the nearest FSDO (Flight Standardization District Office). This is not recommended for Part 135 operations.

If I already have a XM WX Satellite Weather subscription, can I use it on my mounted unit and mobile device at the same time?

If you connect the Mobile Link to your XM WX receiver, you will only be able to view weather on mobile devices – not on any mounted devices. But the Mobile Link does allow you to view XM WX data on up to four mobile devices.

How do I know that my Mobile Link and WxWorx receiver are communicating?

Open the web browser on your mobile device and go to the status page ( This webpage has a lot of useful information (signal quality, radio ID, etc.). To verify the connection, look at the Radio ID section of the Status Page. If there is no Radio ID, then the Mobile Link and receiver are not communicating.

Is the satellite weather subscription through Baron and WxWorx, or SiriusXM?

XM WX Satellite Weather accounts and subscriptions are with SiriusXM. If customers already have a WxWorx weather receiver, there is no XM WX activation required. However, if you purchase a new receiver, you will need to call SiriusXM Customer Service at 1-800-985-9200 with the new Radio ID so your subscription can be transferred to the new unit.

Can I listen to XM Satellite Radio on my iPad using the Mobile Link?

Not at this time. However, if you have an XM Radio subscription, you can connect the Bluetooth-enabled model of the WxWorx receiver (WR-10BT) to a PC running WxTunes software, or to the Bendix/King AV8OR unit, and enjoy XM audio programming that way.

The Mobile Link is a Baron product, for sale in the WxWorx store. What is the relationship between Baron and WxWorx?

WxWorx is one of Baron’s mobile weather divisions. It is responsible for producing mobile weather software and hardware solutions for XM WX Satellite Weather. Through the WxWorx division, Baron is also the data provider for the XM WX service.