More about Safety Net Alerting

What is different about Safety Net weather alerts?

Safety Net weather alerts provide you with more ways to keep you and your loved ones safe during severe weather.

One way we do this is by focusing only on the truly severe parts of a storm. This way, we’re only alerting you when you’re likely to be affected by dangerous weather. If you receive a “Twisting Storm Approaching” or “Dangerous Storm Approaching” alert, these are Baron-generated alerts you will only get from the Baron Critical Weather app.

You can also receive alerts anytime lightning is approaching your area.

Of course, the Critical Weather app also allows you to receive official severe weather warnings, like those for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, issued by the U.S. National Weather Service.

We also provide a radar map and other features. Simply tap the icon in the top-left of the app, and then tap “Map” to see the full story.


What kind of alerts can I receive with this app?

The Baron Critical Weather app is designed for severe weather, so in addition to Baron-generated alerts, you also receive U.S. National Weather Service warnings for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and more. To see the full list, tap the icon in the upper-left of the menu, and then tap “Safety Net” alerts. Then tap “Preferences” in the top bar. Tapping the the arrow next to each alert type will show you what each alert means.


What does “BTI” mean?

“BTI” is short for “Baron Tornado Index”. It accompanies most Baron-generated alerts. The BTI is a 1 to 10 scale of the likelihood of a tornado occurring with a storm cell. The higher the number, the greater the potential.


How do I set up a location to notify?

It’s pretty easy. Here’s how:

Phone Receiving Safety Net alert. Close up shot.

1. With the app open, tap the icon in the upper-left. Then tap “Safety Net Alerts”.

2. Make sure alerts are enabled.

3. Tap “Locations” in the top bar.

4. You can received alerts for your current mobile location by tapping the “My Current Location” toggle.

5. To add a custom location, tap the “+ Add Location” button.

6. Enter the custom location’s name, address (including city/state), and a phone number if you like (this will enable you to immediately call someone at that location straight from the app).

7. You will now receive alerts for this location, based on your app’s settings. You can change these settings at any time by tapping “Preferences” in the top bar of the “Safety Net Alerts” menu.


I heard a tornado siren, but didn’t receive an alert. Why not?

Storm-BasedWarningThe U.S. National Weather Service is responsible for issuing weather warnings. Your local emergency managers use these warnings to know when to sound tornado sirens.

Nowadays, tornado warnings are issued for smaller areas, usually called polygons. This allows the alerted area to be smaller, so that only those in danger are warned. However, if local emergency management sounds sirens county-wide, you may hear sirens without receiving a Safety Net alert.

In all instances, be sure to stay weather-aware when severe weather is possible in your area.


Who is Baron?

We are a weather company based in Huntsville, Alabama, and have been in business for about 25 years. Our company was founded by a meteorologist, and we’ve made it our mission to provide actionable information to those affected by weather of any kind. The Baron Critical Weather app allows us to reach you with critical weather intelligence when you or those you care about may be in harm’s way.