Driver Alerting

Critical Weather Intelligence on the Road

driver alertsWe offer two methods for notifying drivers about inclement conditions on the road ahead. Available through a flexible weather API or a built-to-notify software development kit for driver alerting, you have an option for alerting customers in the way you deem most effective for your products. So whether you prefer to deliver driver alerts through apps, head units or a combination of both, there’s a solution here for you.



Mobile Alerts

Want to get accurate and exclusive driver alerts into your products? The Baron Pinpoint Alerting SDK makes it happen—from basic notifications such as National Weather Service warnings to products based on sophisticated data processing. Drivers can receive alerts anytime they’re approached by lightning, snowfall, hail, wintry mixes, or rain. Exclusive alerts for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes are also provided, so weather intelligence is onboard with every journey.

Custom Implementation

custom implementation of road weather data into a GPS head unit

If you’d prefer to configure your own alert triggers in-house, you can use the Baron Weather API to ingest weather data and perform your own data processing. Generate your own alerts based on custom triggers, such as specific amounts of rainfall and snowfall, and display them via apps or directly on the navigation display. There’s also Baron-exclusive road conditions, like slippery, flooded and icy roads. You can also create severe weather alerts, from hail and possible tornadoes to National Weather Service warnings. Our onboarding staff can advise you during the process, while REST architecture and extensive documentation help get the job done.

Accurate, Comprehensive Data

The data you choose to integrate is entirely up to you. Both basic weather data, as well as Baron-exclusive data products, are ready for easy integration into apps, websites, GPS navigation displays and other devices. Many of these products are global, so they’re easy to implement across multiple regions.

  • US/Canada/Europe/Australian Radar
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Lightning
  • Current and Forecast Road Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Driver Weather
  • Global Forecast Snowfall
  • Global Forecast Radar
  • Global Forecast Wind Speed and Direction
  • Global Forecast Rainfall Accumulation
  • Global Weather Observations
  • Global Satellite Imagery
  • NWS Watches and Warnings
  • Global Temperature and Wind Speed
  • FutureScan Radar

diverse weather imagery