Weather & Traffic

Weather Overlays for Navigation Devices, Apps and Websites

a photo of cars in dangerous weather and road conditionsWith Baron, you can integrate quality-assured weather and road conditions data into your GPS navigation units, mobile apps and more. Whether through a powerful weather API, a weather data archive or a suite of web and mobile-friendly toolkits, here are some ways Baron road weather data can be integrated with your traffic data source.



Real-Time Routing around Threats

Road weather threats, from flooded and icy conditions, to the prospect of hail and high winds, pose an obvious danger to motorists. Through the easy-to-integrate Baron Weather API, you can implement GPS-enabled weather and traffic alerts into your head unit displays, providing vital eyes-on-road awareness of hazards like heavy rainfall, snow, severe weather and more.

It’s your implementation, so you can integrate however you see fit, including the use of audible alerts. We’ll support you throughout the process with extensive documentation and dedicated onboarding support.

an image of real-time routing around road weather threats

Weather Overlays in Your Apps

The Baron Mobile Toolkit makes it easy to integrate precision road weather into your traffic apps. While radar, temperature and sky conditions are essential inclusions, we also offer an exclusive suite of road weather data products, alerting driver to fog, hail, lightning and high winds. You can integrate through the Baron Weather API, the Baron ArcGIS Toolkit, or our Map SDK (software development kit). Whichever way, we’re there to help, with onboarding and to answer any questions you might have.

weather overlays in mobile apps

Historical Weather and Traffic for Risk Modeling

For in-depth analysis of weather’s historical impacts on roadways and traffic, the Baron Weather Archive provides an easy way to integrate archived weather data into your internal processes. It’s implemented using the Baron Weather API, allowing you to view years of weather data as overlay with your traffic data input. Insurers can use this powerful marriage of information to evaluate the risk of individual roadways and drivers, adjusting their policy pricing and protecting their bottom line.

historical road weather data

Road Weather Forecasts

The Baron Weather API makes it possible to integrate 72-hour road forecast data into any type of implementation—GPS navigation display, apps or on the webs. The resulting insight helps drivers plan trips and schedule adjustments days in advance. Forecast conditions include the following data products:

  • Wet roads
  • Flooded roads
  • Patchy ice
  • Ice-covered roads
  • Snow
  • Heavy snow