2021 Broadcast Weather Conference






March 9-10, 2021
Virtual Event

To continue providing our customers with valuable training opportunities, Baron is hosting a virtual Broadcast Weather Conference. During the conference, you will learn tips and techniques for telling more informative and engaging weather stories with your Baron Lynx system, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Training sessions will be held in 2-hour blocks from 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00 CST each day.

Topics covered in the sessions will include:

Tuesday, March 9th

9:00 AM: Top 10 List
Over the last year, Baron has released many new features, functions and products. We will review our top 10 new items and help you implement them into your workflows and use them more effectively.

10:00 AM: QuickEditor – Time Saving Automation
Last year Baron released the new QuickEditor, a time-saving tool that allows you to deliver customized forecasts with consistency on-air, online and on mobile platforms. We will take a deep dive into QuickEditor to help you take advantage of all its capabilities.

1:00 PM: Baron Products – Exploring What’s Next
Baron is continuously working on new products and functionality to ensure that Lynx will continue to meet your needs in the future. We’ll preview some new enhancements we’re developing.

2:00 PM: Essential Data – Dynamic Display and Use
An in-depth session with Baron Meteorologists focused on using data products to produce more captivating weathercasts, including:

  • New additions to model data and unique capabilities
  • The best use of radar data during severe weather
  • Utilizing recently added data products
  • Available API data

Wednesday, March 10th

9:00 AM: Tips, Tricks and Pushing the Envelope
Tips and tricks that will accelerate your daily workflows and help produce more in-depth and engaging weathercasts, such as:

  • Features you don’t know you have
  • Maximizing your use of Baron’s daily graphics and explainer graphics
  • New tools to build and alter graphics more easily

10:00 AM: Data Products – From Tropical Rains to Drought
Another in-depth session with Baron Meteorologists focused on using data products to produce more captivating weathercasts, including:

  • Incorporating new tropical data for the most comprehensive coverage
  • High Wind, Drought and Flood storytelling products
  • Unique data designed for unique events

1:00 PM: Your Feedback
We want to hear from you. Tell us what products and features you would like to see added to Lynx for it to better fit your needs.

1:30 PM: Using Cameras – Your Weather Window
With Lynx, you can incorporate IP and live cameras in your market and around the country into your weathercasts. This is a great way to give your viewers a real-time look at the impact of weather where they live or nationally. We will show you how to tap into the cameras available and how to best use them for more engaging weather stories.

2:00 PM: Lifestyle in Motion – More Tips and Tricks
Produce graphics that jump off the screen. This session will help you:

  • Graphics built for Life
  • Utilize 3D scenes and 3D reality elements
  • Make your presentations move