Saturday, March 3, 2018   |   Company News, In the News

Baron Announces Baron Flight Cross Section

New product offers exclusive look at flight-critical data

Huntsville, AL – Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces Baron Flight Cross section, an exclusive new feature for the Baron Weather API for Aviation, a data distribution service which enables quick and easy integration of quality-controlled, industry-leading data into a variety of applications. Baron Flight Cross Section provides customers with detailed weather information for every altitude between takeoff and landing. With Baron Flight Cross Section, customers can create a detailed vertical profile, directly from client apps or websites, of temperature, winds, turbulence or icing along their route. This information is presented in an easy-to-read, cross-sectional graphic, including different visual settings for optimizing viewing for different times of day.

In addition to Flight Cross Section, other notable data provided globally by Baron as part of the Baron Weather API for Aviation includes satellite imagery, significant weather, satellite derived radar (a unique product which provides weather data when no ground-based radar is available), winds and temperatures aloft, METAR reports, volcanic eruption data and a lightning map which can display individual strikes or as a heat map showing where lightning activity is most intense. All of these global data products, and all other weather data provided by Baron, is compiled from an array of public and private sources, then quality controlled for the best possible timeliness and accuracy.

To ensure maximum up-time and smooth performance, Baron Weather API for Aviation includes a network of state-of-the-art data centers with built-in scalability designed to handle large usage demands. These data centers ensure that Baron Weather API is secure and reliable, and will deliver data on time, every time. Additionally, Baron Weather API features a streamlined on-boarding process and includes numerous data formats, including JSON and TMS, for efficient integration into most applications and platforms. “The moment I saw [Baron’s] API, I realized that they had really put a lot of thought behind this,” said John Burnside, Director of Technology for iFlightPlanner.

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