Thursday, June 1, 2017   |   Company News, In the News

Baron Article on NewscastStudio Provides Tips for Differentiating Weather Visuals

Mike Mougey, our VP of Broadcast Sales, contributed an article with tips on how TV stations can use weather visuals to differentiate themselves across  all platforms. NewscastStudio ran the story in May during their extreme focus on weather.

Differentiation once only meant that you stood out from your rivals across the street. It’s not that simple anymore. Broadcasters now compete for elusive demographics across multiple fronts, and audiences almost always have a portable computer in their pocket or purse that’s with them everywhere they go. Factor in tablets and the web, and weather content is everywhere.

How can you reach the biggest possible audience? We think an essential part of that is differentiating your weather presence, regardless of platform.

Read the full article here.