Thursday, September 3, 2015   |   Scientific Development

Baron Aviation Weather Now Available in Web Viewer

Baron Aviation Weather Now Available in Web Viewer

Comprehensive Weather Conditions Delivered via Streamlined Setup

Baron, the critical weather intelligence behind the successful XMWX service, has just released a new set of weather data products into its Mobile Link device, along with a web viewer for simpler access to the information. The development follows more than a decade of Baron aviation science.

Specifically, the enhancement adds two new weather data products to Mobile Link, resulting in a 19-weather data product offering. The web viewer enables direct access to these data products within a simple, easy to use and weather focused display.











Two of the newest weather data product additions, icing (both current icing potential and super cooled droplets) and turbulence, complement other core weather data products, including high-resolution NEXRAD radar, lightning detail, satellite imagery, METARs, winds aloft and more, all of which are delivered via satellite through XMWX.

The ability to monitor and view these critical weather indicators in a multi-layer format makes Baron Mobile Link an essential tool in delivering the full, continuous weather coverage pilots require.

“This entire upgrade is focused on increasing the pilot’s situational awareness,” said Baron CEO and career meteorologist Bob Baron, who also holds his private pilot’s license. “As a pilot, this is critical information you need not only at takeoff, but also for the duration and safe landing of your flight.”

In 2011, Baron was the first to release a hardware product that, along with other aviation app development partners, facilitated the use of XMWX on the iPad. At that time, the tablet, lauded for its size, portability and use as a multi-function display, began to gain traction within aviation circles.

Today, with Baron’s robust 19 weather data product set monitoring every imaginable aspect of weather, all delivered to pilots in a dedicated, intuitive display, Baron demonstrates its continued commitment to meet the needs of the aviation industry, with an emphasis on in-cockpit weather.

Learn more about Baron Mobile Link here.

Existing Baron Mobile Link customers can access these upgrades here.