Friday, June 5, 2015   |   Business Intelligence, Company News

Baron Critical Weather Intelligence At Work Across Major Broadcast Networks

Though their formats and audiences can widely vary, there is one element that links every broadcast entity the world over, and that is the need to deliver comprehensive and accurate weather reporting. It is a core component of earning and keeping viewer trust. It’s also a mission Baron has focused on perfecting for more than 20 years.

During that time, Baron has taken the primary tool of the meteorological field – the weather radar – and developed supporting scientific processes to maximize the data radars collect.

Baron’s proprietary data processing takes and makes sense out of radar returns that are otherwise raw data. It also displays this information into compelling weather models and visuals that in turn feed the data into consumer-friendly formats for weather-related broadcast reports across multiple platforms. This is achieved through proprietary algorithms and super computers that constantly process real time atmospheric activity. That information is then fed into Baron’s proprietary Omni platform, an open-source system that also includes the ability to show weather in 3D and hour-by-hour storm evolution. With the new system, on-air presenters are able to create comprehensive and engaging weather stories.

By automating these processes through Baron, broadcast organizations are empowering their on-air meteorologists to focus on what they do best, and maintain audience trust.

It’s a step already taken by four of the largest networks in the world, including AccuWeather, CNN, The Weather Network and WeatherNation. In addition, Baron supports several hundred local stations with this behind the scenes critical weather intelligence and support. That alone reflects two-thirds of the U.S. population – over 226 million people.

“Broadcast stations and their affiliated networks have long been the trusted source of accuracy in weather reporting,” said Baron founder and CEO Bob Baron. “As meteorological scientists, we will continue supporting them with critical weather intelligence that constantly raises the standard for what viewers can and should expect.”

In addition to core weathercast elements, including five-day forecasts, visuals to detail current conditions, cloud cover and related components, AccuWeather will incorporate other scientific forecasting tools from Baron, specifically those related to the most complex severe weather scenarios Mother Nature can muster. This includes VIPIR, proprietary Baron software to detect shear markers, tornado and hurricane activity.

For The Weather Network, Baron’s critical weather intelligence will provide a customized weather graphics system. The system offers an unparalleled viewing experience with increased functionality such as the ability to show weather in 3D and hour-by-hour storm evolution. It also gives on-air presenters the means to create and share comprehensive, engaging weather stories.

“Weather is best explained through engaging maps and rich graphics, our new weather visualization system allows us to deliver an exceptional experience to our television audience,” said Martin Belanger, senior manager, TV & Cross Platform Technologies, Pelmorex Media. “Baron was chosen not only for its innovative weather intelligence, but also for its stunning graphic presentation capabilities, which are flexible and easy to use. This new mapping system is a great example of delivering value to our consumers.”

WeatherNation TV Inc. deployed Baron’s Omni platform in January 2014, after the network had already experienced success with Baron’s VIPIR system. Together, these Baron solutions give the WeatherNation meteorologists the tools they need to create and deliver a compelling weather story, helping the audiences that rely on them for accurate coverage.