Wednesday, August 26, 2015   |   Company News, Press Releases, Public Safety

Baron Launches Mission Critical Weather Service for Public Safety

Baron Launches Mission-Critical Weather Intelligence Service for Public Safety

Delivers Critical Information for Improved Planning and Response

Officials now have a powerful new tool to help protect their communities: minute-by-minute and neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

Baron, the world leader in Critical Weather Intelligence, is reinventing local public safety with the new Baron Threat Net service, meeting the growing demands on local safety teams to plan, guide, respond and protect extended areas facing a wide range of weather threats. This new state-of-the-art solution is a combination of exclusive and dynamic data direct from Baron, combined with the ability to see and interact with life-saving information in the field on mobile devices.

Long recognized as providing the industry’s best severe weather forecasting and tracking  system, Baron has worked with leading public safety agencies around the world to design a new way for emergency responders to access critical weather intelligence. “The Baron team is a partner with leading emergency responders, so we know how important it is that they get clear and instant alerts for threats, particularly during complex storms where indications of critical weather could be easily overlooked,” said Bob Baron, founder and Baron CEO.  “Our commitment at Baron is to make sure you always know what you are facing and how best to respond,” he concluded.

Baron Threat Net includes:

  • 18 Baron exclusive mission-critical weather data products, including patented technology for the monitoring and detection of weather threats
  • 50 data products to enhance situational awareness
  • High resolution mapping with down to minute-by-minute street-level tracking
  • A new web-based format easily accessible with any browser, and optimized for presentation on all tablets

Never before has so much weather data been available in one place.  Moreover, Baron Threat Net doesn’t just duplicate other displays – it offers critical weather intelligence not available through any other weather system. In a format that is easy to use and to explain to others, this new display and exclusive data allows emergency response teams to show other agencies and community leaders the dangers that weather brings to every community.

“So far it’s been great,” said Phyllis Little, Cullman County EMA Director, who, like many emergency response leaders, is always going where her team is needed. “I like that both my Deputy and I can use it at the same time,” she added.  “Baron Threat Net is quick and easy to use on any of our devices, including our iPad, tablet PC, laptop and desktop computers. Then if I’m on location, like at a school during a severe weather event, I can quickly show others the detailed weather situation, which is right there at my fingertips.”

Mobile Threat Net with XMWX Satellite Weather delivery and Threat Net Plus are well known in the public safety arena as part of the entire family of Threat Net products. Baron Threat Net is available in single license and multi-license configurations. To learn more about Baron’s critical weather intelligence and what it can do for you, visit