Friday, April 22, 2016   |   Company News

Baron Lynx Exceeds Expectations of Broadcast Professionals at NAB


“Baron has exceeded all of my expectations!” was the immediate response of a prominent west coast general manager when he saw Baron Lynx in action.

Baron’s new complete broadcast solution made its official debut at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) in Las Vegas, and from the moment the show floor opened the Baron booth was packed with attendees from all over the globe who wanted to know how Baron Lynx could help them win weather and dominate their markets.

Within one system, Lynx delivers market-differentiating graphics, best-in-class storm tracking, social media integration, digital solutions and more. Attendees quickly noticed the features that would help them own local weather every day—during sunny skies, wintry weather, severe storms and beyond.

“The feedback we have been getting has been phenomenal,” said Mike Mougey, Vice President of Broadcast Sales. “The booth was crowded with appointments and walk-ins who were uniformly impressed by what they saw.”

In the midst of the action, Baron Director of Broadcast Meteorology, Steve Bray, took center stage to show crowds the system’s arsenal of tools, like social media integration , forecast editing capabilities, impressive visual power, and unmatched critical weather intelligence. But seeing it once wasn’t enough for some. Word quickly got out, and leaders of the industry promptly came back for a second demonstration—many invited their colleagues saying, “You have got to see what Baron is doing!”

Group of people gathering at the Baron booth at NAB 2016.

Baron representatives stayed busy in meetings and conversations where they showed off Baron’s digital solutions designed to help meteorologists reach their audience online, on-air and on mobile devices with dynamic coverage. Mobile and tablet apps, widgets and more—they all integrate with Baron Lynx to help stations make an impact on every screen and maximize ratings and revenue.

But the discussions didn’t stop there. Others huddled around booth screens to learn about Baron Gen3 radars—the latest dual-pol technology designed to give meteorologists critical insight that helps them stand out as a weather expert in their market.

“Baron is advancing the weather industry with its multi-platform technology,” said Bray. “Our solutions are giving meteorologists the tools they need to create compelling, market-differentiating coverage that reaches across every platform. From the feedback we are getting, it’s evident that we have a system that makes any station a formidable force in the competitive broadcast industry.”

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