Tuesday, June 2, 2015   |   Scientific Development

Baron Next-Generation Radar Produces Cleanest, Most Precise Returns

In the business of weather, there is no downtime. Every moment counts. It’s as true in nowcasting and forecasting as it is in developing “the next big thing” in predictive weather technology. And the next big thing is here.

There is no end to the evolution of critical weather intelligence.

Baron is announcing the development of the next generation of Baron Radar systems. The latest development goes beyond Dual Polarization technology—with these new systems Baron delivers several worldwide exclusive features. The new system was engineered to provide dramatically improved radar performance and the highest data quality available while ensuring an easy to operate and reliable system. Baron radars are designed to meet every need, and are offered with X-band, C-band, High-Frequency S-band, and S-Band transmitters. Your system can be provided in a fixed, mobile or transportable configuration. Transmitter options include klystrons, magnetrons and solid-state options.

The solution includes four core components, supported by exclusive Baron capabilities that result in unparalleled critical weather intelligence:

1.) Next-Generation Clutter Removal de-clutters radar returns;

2.) Next- Generation Automatic calibration delivers unprecedented radar precision and performance;

3.) Open data system performs operations and research and development simultaneously in real time while also providing system redundancy;

4.) Worldwide customer support functions as the client’s radar operations center, 24/7/365.

Next-Generation Clutter Mitigation

Available exclusively from Baron through a license of technology with the University of Oklahoma, CLEAN-AP™ (Trademark owned by The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma) allows for superior ground clutter suppression, in addition to optimally and dynamically adapting the suppression process to the ground clutter environment. In development over the last several years, this new technology will be introduced within the U.S. National Weather Service WSR-88D fleet soon.

Clutter removal is critical to accurate and reliable radar data, but older clutter systems suffer from poor accuracy. Critical Weather Intelligence from Baron means you get the most advanced and proven clutter system available, resulting in greatly improved meteorological data quality.

CLEAN-AP™ works bin by bin to deliver a far more accurate view of radar data—an innovative, integrated technique for real-time automatic ground clutter detection and filtering.

Next-Generation Automatic Calibration

Baron has set the standard by which all other radar manufacturers are judged.

Historically, most radars are calibrated about once or twice a year. Baron’s Nexrad Automatic Calibration set the bar by checking numerous parameters with every volume scan, ensuring the radar system is automatically calibrated over 100,000 times each year. The result is unprecedented radar precision, to .1 db ZDR accuracy. Baron introduces our Next Generation Calibration that monitors the calibration radial by radial automatically calibrating the system over 2,000,000 times per year. The process keeps customers’ radar systems reliable, accurate, as well as easier to operate and maintain.

Open Data System

The Baron Open Data System makes your system open by allowing you access to data at any point in the processing chain, also enabling scalable, real-time, dependable high performance and interoperable data exchanges between systems. Most importantly, operational staff and researchers get the data they need.

This information can also be used to more rapidly determine where problems or lack of optimization are occurring within the system.

Worldwide Customer Support

We are here to help you be successful. In addition to holding radar and training conferences, Baron provides 24/7/365 support from our worldwide operations center, which is manned at all times by expert meteorologists who can assist with all your needs, and even remotely operate or upgrade your radar system. We can perform as your ROC (radar operations center), remotely monitoring the health of your radar, and alerting you to a potential issue well before the problem actually occurs.

Each day, Baron serves critical weather intelligence data to millions of customers in the aviation, federal government, marine, emergency management, universities, agriculture and media communities, as well as the general public.

The pursuit to achieve new levels of weather intelligence is an evolving process, and one that will continue to yield increasingly effective and precise methods. Dedicated to that process, Baron remains a market disrupter, leading the industry with life-saving science.