Tuesday, September 27, 2016   |   Press Releases

Baron Next Generation Radar Series Defines New Standards In The Global Radar Marketplace For Processing, Analysis And Operational Efficiency

Ideal for diverse geographic areas, Baron’s new line of radar includes breakthrough technologies within a complete end-to-end engineering solution.

MADRID, Spain, Sept. 27, 2016—Baron, the worldwide leader in critical weather intelligence, announces the availability of the Baron Gen3 radar series; a new line of weather radar that combines Baron’s years of innovation in processing radar data with bold new engineering to deliver a high-performance radar system with enhanced signal processing and receiver technology.

“Our next generation of weather radar combines the best in quality, precision, product generation and durability,” said Bob Dreisewerd, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “They are designed for customization, and engineered to the highest standards with exclusive capabilities, built-in support and the most advanced technology available in the market.”

Baron weather radar transportable.

Comprised of an entirely new design, and building upon extensive experience in processing, analyzing and displaying data from radar units all over the world, the new Baron system contains innovative components that ensure improved accuracy, data quality and performance for more precise weather detection. The Gen3 series will include a number of innovative capabilities, such as greatly improved ground clutter suppression, new advanced automatic radar calibration, automated diagnostic monitoring and alerting, and an open network architecture.

Through an exclusive technology license with the University of Oklahoma, Baron radars will offer CLEAN-AP™. CLEAN-AP™ was created by researchers in the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at OU. This innovation is designed to provide superior ground clutter suppression, which will deliver a far more accurate view of radar data through optimally and dynamically adapting the suppression process to the ground clutter environment.

Additionally, new patented automatic radar calibration evolved from the calibration work Baron performed for the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS). This new radial-by-radial ZDR Calibration provides reliable and continuous network-wide calibration during any weather condition, with less maintenance and on-site expertise required. The new Gen3 Baron radars will uniquely offer Split Cut Processing, which will allow operational users to receive high-quality and accurate reflectivity and velocity data simultaneously. Baron supplies a complete end-to-end system that features an Open Data Architecture, allowing users access to radar data at multiple points in the processing chain.

Baron weather radar installation. Engineered specifically for critical weather conditions within challenging environments, the Gen3 radar series is available in numerous off-the-shelf and customizable configurations to meet a wide range of needs and demands. Baron will offer dual-polarization in C-band, S-band, X-band and a High-Frequency S-band radar. Configurations include fixed, mobile and transportable designs. Available transmitters include klystron and magnetron-based options.

“We understand that data quality and reliability are critical to radar,” said Bob Baron, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Products Officer. “We built Gen3 to produce radar data that is a critical input to value-added products, numerical and hydrological modeling, alerting and display for decision makers and the public.”

Designed with service and support in mind, the Gen3 radars offer easy access to major components, advanced intelligent diagnostic monitoring with built-in test equipment, and the best meteorological and radar support in the industry with a 24/7 operations center.

Baron Gen3 information will be available in the Baron exhibit at Meteorological Technology World Expo, stand number 5025.

CLEAN-AP trademark owned by the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma.