Tuesday, October 4, 2016   |   Business Intelligence, Company News

Baron Presents Flood and Weather Mitigation Seminar at World’s Largest Meteorological Technology Expo

The recent Meteorological Technology World Expo in Madrid, Spain experienced record breaking crowds both the first day of the event and over the course of the three-day expo. Baron, the leading provider of Critical Weather Intelligence, was a huge supporter of the expo, hosting a series of educational seminars, paper presentations and an exhibit. Baron has been a strong supporter of the event and was an exhibitor in the inaugural expo 5 years ago, and “continues to appreciate the opportunities to share educational events with the industry,” said Bob Baron, Jr., Chief Product Officer.

The first day of the event was a huge success according to show organizers. Describing the first day of this year’s event, Graham Johnson, managing director of UKIP Media & Events, said, “Incredible! That’s the only word I can think of to accurately describe today.” This year’s event had over 180 exhibitors, and attendee projections indicated that they might have a total of 5000 people in attendance. “It’s just so busy here,” continued Johnson. “We’ve had more visitors today in one day than we’ve ever had across the show’s usual three days!”

MetTech World Expo Baron booth.

Large Attendance at Flood and Weather Mitigation Seminar

Working with the show organizers, Baron hosted a four-hour educational seminar entitled Flood and Weather Risk Mitigation. The seminar focused on providing operational information, scientific theory and applications on the following topics:

  • Advancements in weather radar and quantitative precipitation estimates
  • How numerical weather prediction and land surface modeling can lead to more precise alerting for floods
  • Data fusion techniques for value-added flooding, winter and severe weather products
  • Integrated hydrometeorological applications for government, aviation, media, marine and the public

Clearly a popular event, the presentation series was held on the exhibit floor in a special Technology Workshop area designed for the seminar. Bob Baron, Jr. said, “This event provided us the opportunity to share with the community approaches to global weather applications across numerous market segments, the latest advancements in weather radar, and advancements in national level hydrological modeling. Additionally, we discussed value-added data solutions to provide decision makers with critical weather intelligence in various markets and areas of responsibility. “

Attendees enjoyed a presentation made by Mar Hernandez Gomez with El Tiempo.es, a well-known weather outlet in Spain, who spoke about producing the weather in Southern Europe using Baron’s products. John McHenry, Baron’s Chief Scientist and the co-chair for the AMS 31st Conference on Hydrology, provided a fantastic presentation covering the importance of accurate radar and sensor inputs into the numerical weather model, land surface modeling and advancements in hydrological forecasting and flood monitoring.  “Judging by the packed hall and post event collaboration, I believe the event was a huge success,” Baron added.

Baron hydrology workshop in Madrid at MetTech World Expo.

Three New Product Announcements

Baron unveiled several new products and product enhancements during the three-day event, and had several poster presentations relating to new scientific advancements included in the overall conference proceedings. The company announced the availability of the Baron Gen3 radar series, a new line of weather radar that combines Baron’s years of innovation in processing radar data with bold new engineering to deliver a high-performance radar system with enhanced signal processing and receiver technology.

Key features and capabilities of the new Baron Lynx scientific display were demonstrated in the exhibit, depicting live global weather data. The system will provide intelligent features for weather visualization, improved situational awareness and in-depth radar analysis. Key features of the new system include multi-panel views, advanced cross-section visualization, native language support and integration with Baron radar and other legacy radar systems.

Keeping with the theme of the four-hour workshop, Baron also released their latest Hydrological Forecasting and Modeling system. offering a complete end-to-end powerful scientific display that provides an intelligent interface for viewing advanced hydrological information, including radar, hydrographs, observations and more. Coupled with Baron Lynx, it has the ability to fully integrate data in real-time from several observational assets such as weather surveillance radar networks, surface weather stations, stream gauge observations and satellite information.

Plans are underway for new Baron-hosted seminars at other major industry events. If you are interested in attending a Baron educational seminar, watch for news for several upcoming opportunities in 2017.