Tuesday, November 13, 2018   |   Company News, Press Releases, Public Safety

Baron Releases Optional Archived Weather Data for Baron Threat Net for Public Safety

Helps users conduct realistic severe weather simulations

Huntsville, AL – Baron, a leading provider of critical weather solutions, announces it has released Baron Historical Weather Data, an optional collection of archived weather data for the Baron Threat Net suite of products. Threat Net is an active weather monitoring and forecasting tool for public safety, featuring operations center, mobile and web-based accessibility. Baron Historical Data lets users extract and view weather data from up to 8 years of archived radar, hail and tornado detection, and flooding data. The archived data enables users to conduct realistic severe weather simulations during drills and training exercises, replay an event as it actually unfolded in real-time, or identify affected areas for more effective post-event response. The information is also invaluable for supporting accurate claim validation for insurance and funding purposes.

The optional Baron Historical Weather Data addition to the standard Baron Threat Net subscription includes a wide variety of data products, including high-resolution radar, standard radar, infrared satellite, damaging wind, road conditions, and hail path, as well as 24-hour rainfall accumulation, current weather, and current threats.

Offering up to 8 years of data, users can select a specific product and review up to 72 hours of data at one time, or review a specific time for a specific date. Information is available for any given area in the U.S., and historical products can be layered, for example, hail swath and radar data. Packages are available in 7-day, 30-day, or 1-year increments.