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Baron at the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting: Critical Weather Intelligence Enhances Personal Decision Making

Huntsville, AL and Phoenix, AZ, January 5, 2015 – During the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting, Baron will present its latest work in the area of critical weather intelligence, which includes two key services –the Baron Driver Safety Solution, which provides personalized, location-specific critical weather information and Baron’s sophisticated Dual Polarization radar, which features enhanced radar data processing.

Dual Polarization radar provides the most comprehensive assessment of atmospheric conditions, enhancing the longtime industry standard of Doppler radar. Traditionally, weather radar only analyzed atmospheric activity from horizontal radar readings. By contrast, Dual Polarization assesses conditions both horizontally and vertically, presenting a more accurate snapshot of developing weather activity.

It is Baron’s extensive research and development effort in the area of Dual Polarization technology that has resulted in its offering of best-in-class radars, with value-added auto calibration, proprietary radar derived products such as the Tornado Debris Marker and advanced data processing that at the end of the day, deliver a more effective radar with better displays of data that are easier to interpret.

“The significance of Dual Polarization in weather forecasting cannot be understated,” said John Ellis, Engineering and Radar Systems Division Manager, Baron. “We now have the most accurate method of discerning precipitation type and the presence of lofted debris and as a result, what will likely occur at the surface. The tangential benefit in weather forecasting accuracy and how this can aid the public is tremendous.”

Baron is the leading provider of Dual Polarization radar and the leading innovator in radar design and development. In fact, Baron has installed more Dual Polarization radars than any other entity. In 2012, along with L-3 Communications, Baron provided a comprehensive system-wide upgrade of the 171 NWS, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DOD) NEXRAD radars.

In addition to its bleeding edge work in the area of radar technology, Baron is also leading the industry in the inclusion of personalized roadway weather within the connected car and mobile applications. The company is already known for its telematics expertise thanks to NavWeather, featuring exclusive ThreatMatrix technology and already a familiar tool to Sirius XM subscribers.

With the rapid adoption of smartphone technology and the proliferation of connected car features, many of which are now factory standard, Baron is now able to implement its roadway weather solution on an even broader scale.

That solution, known as Baron’s Driver Safety Solution, combines the analysis of real-time current atmospheric conditions, weather threats, pavement conditions and forecast information and places it over a grid across the globe, enabling real-time personalized weather alerts in the vehicle. Driver safety increases while driver distraction is reduced. Moreover, it’s highly appropriate to a driver’s immediate roadway conditions. This is not just radar imagery or a 5 day weather forecast – it is the right data for the right circumstances.

“Baron’s Driver Safety Solution is about improving the driver’s experience and interaction with the vehicle,” said Baron Director of Business Development Chris Carr. “That level of personalization is a huge priority in the auto industry right now and for good reason. Providing location-sensitive data to the driver without compromising their ability to safely operate the vehicle has tremendous potential to reduce driver distraction and other roadway risks.”

If you are visiting the show, stop by Baron Services’ booth, #409.

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