Wednesday, October 15, 2014   |   Public Safety, Scientific Development

Baron Services Demos Comprehensive Mission Critical Weather Solutions at Meteorological Technology World Expo

In late October, thousands of leaders from the aviation, shipping and agriculture industries will converge in Brussels, Belgium for the fourth annual Meteorological Technology World Expo. The event, now in its fourth year, focuses on weather forecasting technology, climate change measurement and related services.

Weather technology company Baron Services will be on hand in Booth #2010, demonstrating its suite of comprehensive weather solutions, components of which serve as key infrastructure for the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service, to name a few.

“Our differentiator is in our end-to-end weather forecasting, analysis and support,” said Bob Baron, Jr., Executive Vice President, Baron Services. “There is no ‘one size fits all solution’ to what we do. What sets us apart is the fact that we can deliver the hardware and software to supplement any entity in need of weather solutions, regardless of what the existing weather-related infrastructure looks like.”

The Baron solution delivers critical weather information that results in actionable intelligence and is represented by five distinct areas of capability: radars/sensors, data processing and integration, advanced modeling, displays and distribution.


In the area of radars, Baron’s contributions to the field are undisputed. Proprietary technology, including Baron’s use of dual polarization radar and auto calibration software, has catapulted Baron radars to the best in class.

radar with clouds

“There is a lot of flashy technology in the marketplace, much of it billed as the latest and greatest in next generation weather solutions,” said Baron. “But for us, the proof points of useful weather technology are in the quality and accuracy of the weather data returns. That’s why we’re passionate about things like auto calibration and dual pol technology. At the end of the day, these components yield the most precise radar results possible.”

Baron’s expertise in weather precision and accuracy led to its selection along with L-3 Stratis as the vendors of choice when the National Weather Service, FAA, and DOD needed to upgrade its Nexrad fleet of 171 radars from Doppler to dual pol technology.


While accurate weather information is the foundation, Baron also recognizes that without context the data holds little actionable value.

Through its data integration and value-added processing, Baron collects, processes and displays radar returns with other collected data, presenting the information so that the areas of risk can quickly be identified and understood.


Baron provides custom modeling to swiftly deliver easily understandable visuals of the anticipated forecast and/or weather event.

Visitors to Baron Services, located at Booth #2010, will have the opportunity to experiment with Baron’s weather modeling solutions (for example, taking intelligent weather information for a large number of weather parameters at standard resolutions of 3km and down to .5km on custom solutions). Baron’s hydrological solutions provide lumped and distributed information to enable flood warning days in advance. Additionally, its air quality forecast model uses powerful numerical prediction, providing custom-deployable forecasts for pollution caused by ozone and particulate matter. 


What about dispatching and displaying this information on a broad scale? Through Baron’s displays and distribution, all raw and value added data is woven into comprehensive displays, making the data accessible for a wide swath of audiences, including motorists, air travel passengers and pilots, marine vessel operators, military installations, and broadcast outlets.


“Our advanced Data API easily and securely makes your data available to every app and website around the world,” said Baron, adding that the systems can be configured to deliver geo-coded, automated alerts.

Baron’s customer retention is high for the industry, a testament not only to the caliber of its offering but also the quality of its support, backed by a Worldwide Operations Center manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year by technical and forecast meteorologists. Baron also offers the option of serving as the client’s Radar Operations Center, taking the burden off local infrastructure.

Note: Visit Baron Services at the 2014 Meteorological Technology World Expo, Oct. 21 – 23, Hall 3, Brussels Expo, Belgieplein – 1 – Place de belgique, B-1020 Brussels. While there, visit with Baron staff members Rob Baron, Jr., Scott Blakely, Rick Braswell, and Mike Smalley.