Tuesday, February 9, 2016   |   Business Intelligence

Differentiating the Broadcast Television Customer

At the 2016 Broadcast Weather Conference recently held in Huntsville, Ala., more than 50 customers joined Baron for a two-day event that offered workshops, presentations by peers, sneak peeks of the new display, and valuable feedback sessions that allowed customers to have a direct influence on future developments. Baron’s own Lance Cooper is eager to share some of the newest initiatives that the company has planned to ensure continued customer satisfaction and success. 


A photo of Lance Cooper, Baron Director of Customer Experience

I spend a lot of time listening to our broadcast television customers. Through these conversations, I’m constantly impressed by how they use our tools, but I’m also reminded that we must continue reinventing the way we interact with our customers in order to better serve their needs.

Currently, we are re-focusing our entire customer experience strategy around two simple concepts.  We want to empower our customers, and we want them to enjoy working with us. We believe by concentrating on these two ideas, we will enable our customers to differentiate themselves in their markets.

For instance, over the years we’ve consistently invited our broadcast television customers to participate with our development teams. While working together to create powerful tools, we have also been able to maintain an emphasis on ease of use. This has allowed TV stations to separate themselves from their competition.

Dave Freeman, KSNW Chief Meteorologist and President of the National Weather Association, recently made the switch to Baron.  I emailed Dave and asked if there was anything that surprised him about the switch. He replied, “Just about one month after debuting our system on the air, I worked an evening with 81 Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. The touchscreen interface enabled me to cover it all easily and completely. I guess I wasn’t surprised by this–Baron’s reputation for severe weather is well known. But I will say that I was naturally apprehensive about using a new system on what turned out to be a very busy night (even by our standards). Turns out, I need not have been worried. They were quite simply the exact tools that we needed to serve our viewers.”

The process of building great tools begins by understanding our customers, including the context in which they use our tools; the latter is a critical part of directing the continued development of innovative software and data that empowers our clients’ work.

It also allows us to intentionally shape what I like to refer to as “human interfaces”. In other words, not only do we strive to design intuitive software interactions, we are also intentional about designing pivotal moments to connect with our customers, from training and support calls to Facebook user groups and more.

It’s this spirit of collaboration that helps our customers enjoy working with us. They see our shared passion for weather, and we discover new ways to improve their workflows and provide unique weather information.


broadcast discussionCollaboration Is Key

When I sit down and talk with clients, I frequently hear the term “partner”. This is how we truly feel about our clients. This past year, The Weather Network, moved their 24/7 French and English Canadian national broadcasts to Baron weather display systems. I recently spoke with Dayna Vettese, Manager, Meteorological Briefing at the Weather Network. I wanted to find out what really made a difference to them.


As we talked, Dayna told me, “We have very unique needs being a multi-national, multi-language, and multi-time zone company. The Baron team has worked with us every step of the way. It is very much a partnership in a sense that we are building and learning with one another. In fact, when we did the official move-in and debut, Baron sent a technician back to be with us and ensure a smooth transition. Quite literally from the very first newscast, we looked like we had been on the system forever.”

There was a tremendous amount of work from both Baron and The Weather Network for the initial launch, but that work has continued to ensure the success of the Weather Network team.

Dayna added, “The support the Baron team offers us is invaluable and unlike any other customer service I have experienced. Being a 24/7 operation, support is needed around the clock and we can always rely on the Baron team to be there for us no matter the time of day or night. We know that when we connect to the Baron team for support, it’s not just customer service, but a partnership.”

As I sit and listen to customers, I hear many stories of their success and daily challenges. When I see their passion, it pushes me to work harder to continue to unearth unique ways we can help our customers succeed.