Tuesday, March 29, 2016   |   Business Intelligence

Going Deeper with Baron Lynx


By Steve Bray, Director of Broadcast Meteorology at Baron




For years, TV stations’ news organizations have been trying to engage their viewers with depth. Recently released weather media research states that viewers want to know the “why”. When almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, they are always plugged into the headlines of the day, glancing at every push notification or social media update.

So why would they watch the 5 o’clock news to get the same information? Reporters, producers and photographers have been coached for years to deliver depth. That depth comes from a well-crafted story that covers the “how” but, more importantly, the “why”, and demonstratively delivers the impact of that story on the viewer.

We find ourselves in an exciting time, applying these principles to broadcast weather. It’s a time we here at Baron have prepared for, with research and development designed to capture that audience. Our new Baron Lynx system provides our users with access to the best knowledge base and products designed to deliver the “why” explanation and demonstrate the weather story with engaging, highly visual content.




Storytelling graphic creation is easy and vivid with only the user’s imagination as the limiting factor–and we help with that. We provide dynamic graphic elements, mapping that is adjustable in detail and depth, and graphic enhancements that make pixels come to life.

Streamlines can be used to convey the flow of weather from a global perspective right down to how wind travels through a mountain valley. Lynx has the ability to smooth weather data animations to convey that flow, as well. The separation of hours of forecast model, for example, can create jerky animations. With Baron Lynx, data interpolation between those time frames now reduces the gap while accurately depicting the future, resulting in a much smoother image.

A screenshot of volumetric radar imagery during severe weatherSo the “why” has never looked better. VIPIR and FasTrac were game changers during severe weather events. Now, the power of our two legendary products has been brought into one system, with some serious upgrades. The quality of the visualization of our exclusive data products is off the charts! Storm Tracking has never looked better; delivering life saving, time of arrivals in a truly instantaneous 3D world. Our Volumetric Imager uses that 3D world to dissect a storm, revealing its core, right down to its rotating center. Baron Shear Rate and Shear Swath products have redefined rotating storm tracking and detection of high-velocity wind events.

It’s all about engaging, keeping and protecting your audience. And these are just a few of the ways that Baron Lynx is going to change how you see the weather. Now we want you to see it! We will be debuting Baron Lynx at NAB next month, in booth C7516 in the central hall. Broadcast meteorologists will get full hands-on demonstrations at AMS Broadcast in June, and we’ll be providing more information on that in the weeks ahead.