Tuesday, October 14, 2014   |   Business Intelligence

Meeting the Challenges of Hail Detection

Many fail to realize just how costly the damaging effects of severe hail can be. Cars, property and, in some cases, people suffer damages that lead to a staggering $1 billion price tag each year. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, baseball-size hail falls at a speed comparable to a pitch by major league baseball player Aroldis Chapman, who threw the fastest pitch of all time at just over 105 mph! Clearly, in the case of hail, it is better to be proactive than reactive.

Atmospheric scientists at Baron have been hard at work developing a suite of unique hail products, capitalizing on the company’s expertise with dual-polarization weather radar. The technology successfully tackles the problem of intelligently using information that is received from dual-pol radars to improve the methods of locating and determining if and where hail is occurring.

hail swath

With the new products, meteorologists and other stakeholders can monitor the location of hail in their areas of responsibility, and track its path of hail over the past hour. Users can see a representation of different hail locations simultaneously, and monitor how the storm is progressing over time. Whether it’s broadcast, insurance or fleet management, Baron partners can take advantage of Baron’s dual-polarization research and innovation.

  • On-air meteorologists can more precisely explain critical weather situations to their viewers, and tell a better story.
  • Insurance companies can effectively know where severe hail will or has already occurred, and determine the amount of claims to be processed over an area. By knowing the exact location and severity of hail, they can estimate the amount of money that will be paid out in claims, and can more easily validate those claims.
  • Fleet managers can better protect their assets, trucks and cargo by effectively rerouting their drivers through dangerous situations where hail would put them at risk.
  • The Agriculture industry can better guard precious crops and investments. With Baron’s hail products, farmers can know which part of their field has been hit by hail, and can scout the area and underwrite the losses.

Extensive testing has been performed to validate the performance of the new hail data products. In the example below, the Hail Swath aligns favorably with actual Local Storm Reports originating from the area. The introduction of these new products is just another way Baron continues to reinforce its commitment to being an industry leader in dual-polarization weather research and advancement.