Tuesday, April 12, 2016   |   Business Intelligence, Company News

How Customized Weather Can Build Your Brand

This article is one in a series about Baron Lynx—your link to weather audiences on every platform. Designed with the input of dozens of broadcast professionals nationwide, Baron Lynx helps you present powerful, market-differentiating graphics and coverage every day, no matter what the weather brings.


By Steve Bray, Director of Broadcast Meteorology at Baron

television-viewersI have worked on more weather systems than I’d like to admit, and it makes me feel old to reflect on that. What’s especially painful to think about is the time I took a Commodore 64 computer and used off-the-shelf software to make a system myself. If you have no idea what kind of computer that is, consider yourself lucky!

What I have now been working on for the last several months has blown me away. Smart technology is what a meteorologist needs, and that’s what the developers, user interface creators and everyone else behind the Baron Lynx have created. It is an everyday weather system featuring all the best technology and critical weather intelligence available in one very sharp package. Lynx is based on research gathered over several years from broadcast meteorologists, news managers, consultants and corporate managers. Designed for ease of operation, our designers and developers have created a platform that allows you to create unique, high impact, storytelling graphics to engage viewers.


Customization Is Key

Our clients’ brands are designed to define who they are, and stand out from the competition. The power of brand is in the ability for customers to identify your unique strengths and style, creating loyalty. How can you stand out if you look the same as your competition? That’s why we designed a system that helps you showcase your uniqueness.

Our artists match your station or corporate-designed look exactly, for continuity from News to Weather. But Baron Lynx allows you to have a completely customized look in countless ways, where you need it. Let me give you a few examples:




Want a high-definition realistic earth look, or maybe a shaded map that allows your radar data to pop? You can do that. We have numerous choices for base maps, and even allow you to control hue and saturation levels for unlimited looks. And you can change these maps from one frame to the next, keeping the same map for every show, or changing it based on the weather tools you want to display.

Color Palettes
You choose the data you want to use, and create unique looks for that data by easily altering the colors used. Want a green through red color spectrum on your radar display? Done. Want that data to start with blue instead? Done. You choose from multiple pre-made palettes or alter them yourself easily.

Tropical Forecast Fans
Whether it’s days away, never to strike land, or bearing down on the coast, we give you the capability to change every aspect of a hurricane’s forecast track. From the colors to the width, to the glossy reflection–all are easy-to-change options.




Forecast Model Output
I see meteorologists using our competitors’ system go on-air and say things like, “this is what the model says, but I don’t think so”. Baron has long believed that you should be in control, able to visually alter the weather model to agree with the your forecast. By changing the latitude or longitude (or both) of the model data, the meteorologist can alter arrival time, or where the heaviest precipitation will fall. They can also decrease the value of data across the entire area of interest or for a specific point. All of this is designed to make sure the forecast is consistently, visually accurate.




The opportunities for customization are limitless in Baron Lynx. You are in control! Click here to see and learn more.