HydrometAFRICA 2020

October 13, 15-16, 2020
Virtual event
HydrometAFRICA website

Join Baron HydrometAFRICA to see how we make it possible for your organization to view and analyze weather data from multiple sources, including radars, weather sensors, satellites, weather models and more, simultaneously in one system. HydrometAFRICA also presents an opportunity to learn about Baron’s complete end-to-end weather solution that includes our latest radar innovations, as well as our weather modeling and hydrometeorological forecasting technologies.

Baron will be participating in several events designed to help your organization execute at a higher level. Be sure to join  these events hosted by members of our team:

Dr. Jack Hayes

Former United States National Weather Service Director Dr. Jack Hayes is hosting a fireside chat about improving early warning systems in developing countries.

Friday, October 16 at 12:15 PM

Dr. Hayes is also leading a roundtable discussion focused on disaster risk reduction.

Thursday, October 15 at 12:15 PM

John McHenry

John McHenry, Baron Chief Scientist for Advanced Meteorological Systems and Chair of the American Meteorological Society Committee on Hydrology, will deliver a presentation titled “Simulation of a Multi-week Flood Event and the Impact of Explicit Flood Inundation Feedback Modeling”

Thursday, October 15

Sergiy Braylyan

Sergiy Braylyan will give a presentation on the benefits of deep system integration of environmental monitoring systems

Tuesday, October 13

Sergiy will also be a panelist for the Data Integration and Emerging Technology roundtable.

Thursday, October 15

Jan van Galen

Jan van Galen leads a roundtable discussion focused on delivering weather products that better meet the needs of the aviation industry (French tract)

Tuesday, October 13

Jan will also lead the Downscaling to the Last Mile and Disseminating Systems roundtable discussion (French tract)

Thursday, October 15