InterMet Asia 2018 – Baron to Host Two Workshops on Hydrology and Meteorology







April 11-12, 2018
Suntec, Singapore

Booth Number C40

Join Baron at the premier event for Hydrological and Flood Forecasting in Asia as we exhibit at InterMet Asia and InterFlood. See the latest technological innovations in radar and flood forecasting and modeling in the Baron booth. Hear Baron scientists and leaders talk about new capabilities and trends in meteorology during the conferences. Don’t miss two extra workshops hosted by Baron with special guests from both the meteological and hydrological disciplines.

Baron Speakers

April 11th:

  • John McHenry – Perspectives on Flooding
  • Bob Baron, Jr – Observing Systems Technologies
  • John McHenry – Advances in Weather and Flood Forecasting
  • Special Baron Workshop: Where Meteorology meets Hydrology: The challenge and promise of improved precipitation estimation.
    • Workshop Introduction: John McHenry, Chief Scientist, Baron
    • Challenges and Successes When Coordinating Meteorology and Hydrology Disciplines: Jack Hayes, Global Business Development, Baron and John McHenry
    • Executing Large National Networks Successfully – – Lessons Learned: Ashish Raval, Vice President, Global Sales, OTT Hydromet Group
    • Improving Hydrological Forecasts with Better Radar Data: Bob Dreisewerd, Chief Development Officer, Baron
    • Precipitation Inputs to National Water Models: David Yates, National Center for Atmospheric Research with John McHenry

April 12th:

  • Bob Baron, Jr – InterMet and InterFlood Keynote
  • Special Baron Workshop: Flood Forecasting: Advances and Challenges in flood forecasting systems & services (including application of geospatial, meteorological and hydrological data.
    • Welcome and Introduction: John McHenry, Chief Scientist, Baron
    • Advances in Mapping Relative to Flooding/Hydrology: Ph.D., MBA, Principal, Noble Causes, Harris
    • Getting the Best Data into the National Water Model: David Yates, Hydrologist, National Center for Atmospheric Research and John McHenry, Chief Scientist, Advanced Meteorological Systems, Baron