Meteohydex 2015: The Exhibition of Meteorological and Hydrological Instruments and Equipment


June 1 – 3, 2015
Geneva, Switzerland

In addition to its floor presence in Meteohydex booth G010, Baron is delivering a series of informative presentations on upcoming weather technologies in Meteohydex 2015 booth G020.

All presentations are free to attend. Lunch will be provided with the mid-day presentations. Lunch presentations are first-come, first-serve. Limited spots are available; please use the registration form here or at the bottom of this page to secure your luncheon registration.


Baron Corporate Overview
Bob Baron, Jr., Executive Vice President

Precision data inputs and analysis allow your organization to provide weather intelligence to stakeholders and citizenry critically affected by weather.

Special Lunch Presentation:
Advanced Decision Support for Flood and Flash-Flood Forecasting, and Other Meteorological Threats
John McHenry, Chief Scientist, Baron

Flooding affects more people annually than any other weather. Find out how you can enhance your hydrologic forecasting, alerting those in harm’s way with localized precision.

Government, Commercial and Consumer Display Systems
Bob Dreisewerd, Executive Vice President/Chief Development Officer

Here, you will learn about accurate weather display and presentation, whether linked to a complete network, customized for mobile environments, or distributed to the general public via websites and phones.

Technology Transfer of Data Assimilation and Distribution Systems
Rick Braswell, Vice President of International Broadcast Development

We’ll discuss the integration of disparate meteorological components for easy distribution to stakeholders and the public through an easy-to-implement, open-source API.

Special Lunch Presentation:
Next-Generation Radar Advances: Hardware, Software and Calibration
James Romines, Chief Radar Engineer

How do individual systems of a weather radar come together to create a precision detection instrument? We’re shedding some light on the engineering and philosophy behind the next generation of weather radar.

Comprehensive Data Integration–from Displays to Distribution
Bernard Kirby, International Business Development

With a fully integrated meteorological network, every piece needs to be in place. Weather detection, data processing, display and dissemination allow officials and citizenry to stay safe and informed.

Next-Generation Radar: Putting It All Together
James Romines, Chief Radar Engineer

This is a quick look at how the next generation of weather radar is coming together.

Special Lunch Presentation:
Baron’s Global Weather Data Integration & Portfolio
Bob Dreisewerd, Executive Vice President/Chief Development Officer

Diverse, worldwide datasets keep stakeholders and citizenry safer and more informed.

Baron Corporate Overview + Q&A
Mike Smalley, Global Business Development

Learn a little about us, and let us hear from you, as well.


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