Wednesday, September 28, 2016   |   Press Releases

New Baron Lynx Display Offers Advanced Radar And Superior Meteorological Visualization And Analysis

System provides intelligent features for improved situational awareness and in-depth analysis—multi-panel views, advanced cross-section visualization, native language support and more.

MADRID, Spain, Sept. 28, 2016—Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announced the availability of its newest radar display product—Baron Lynx. The weather display software enables seamless integration with the new line of Baron Gen3 radar, ensuring quick and smooth operation, along with the ability to animate and manipulate weather data in numerous ways.

“Baron Lynx is a powerful and customizable tool that displays a wide variety of radar and meteorological data,” said Bob Dreisewerd, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “It was engineered with the highest quality visualization software, and is backed by weather-tested algorithms for the most advanced and accurate analysis of global weather conditions.”

Baron Lynx weather graphic of wind models layered over the United States.

Baron Lynx offers a clear, comprehensive analysis of weather with a multitude of tools that make evaluating globally available weather data easy and accurate. The system houses a multi-function display to view Baron Gen3 radars, legacy radar systems and a wide array of meteorological and hydrological data. Baron Lynx can be configured to support languages around the world with native language support within both the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the localized maps. Organizations with multiple Lynx machines can automatically update and share content simultaneously to every system.

Significant features include the ability to view and control several data products at once with an intelligent 4-panel display. Each independent data product is presented in its own window, but remains in-sync with location, movement, telestration, pixel query and more, delivering complete situational awareness. Baron Lynx also ensures continuous operation and smooth visualization when executing advanced analyses. Volumetric imaging technology gives users the ability to layer products, query data parameters, slice cross sections of a storm and perform RHI analyses.

Weather graphic created in Baron Lynx of 4-panel feature.

Advanced models, rainfall monitoring, sensor integration and live conditions can all be viewed and layered for in-depth analyses. Lynx can also ingest local meteorological data, national composites, sensor networks and local IP cameras. With the addition of high-resolution 3D mapping and terrain, the system delivers the clearest possible picture when viewing localized weather conditions.

Lynx also delivers an effective solution for social media outreach with built-in tools that allow users to create and send Lynx-made content directly to organizational Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition, the system can follow other relevant Twitter accounts—defined by the user—and pull those tweets into the interface.

Baron Lynx showing Russian language interface.

“Baron Lynx integrates every component of in-depth weather analysis into one seamless solution,” said Bob Baron, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Products Officer. “Its innovative capabilities and ease-of-use make it the ideal display to visualize and examine Baron Gen3 radar data, along with an abundance of high-value weather information.”

Baron Lynx is available today and on display in the Baron booth at Meteorological Technology World Expo, stand number 5025.