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Partnering to Prepare: Baron Supports Future Weather Professionals One University at a Time

Many are unaware of how diverse a career in meteorology can be. Meteorologists can find jobs on-air, in research, with electric companies, working with farmers, road crews and the military. Every year, thousands of university students graduate with degrees in meteorology and atmospheric science, in hopes of one day having a career in weather.

Universities can help lead students to success by equipping them with the most up-to-date technology and information available. Mississippi State University was eager to hear more when Baron reached out with ways they might enhance the classroom experience for aspiring meteorologists. Now in a partnership with Baron, MSU is able to provide students with the same state-of-the-science systems and Critical Weather Intelligence that professionals use, taking their education to the next level.

Baron’s Focus on University Outreach

Baron began its involvement with universities around 10 years ago, but boosted its outreach efforts in 2014 by offering employee Heather Hope the position of University Relations Meteorologist. Now, Baron gives full attention to creating lasting, beneficial relationships between the company and universities. Lindsey Morschauser, Broadcast Coordinator and Instructor in the Department of Geosciences at MSU, said the addition of Baron’s systems to the program has made all the difference. “The products are clean, professional and easy to use,” said Morschauser. “The quality and customer service are much better than what we were previously using.”

Exposure to On-the-Job Scenarios

MSU has found a variety of ways to make the most of its partnership with Baron in the classroom. Students are able to observe and analyze the weather, all before presenting their forecasts in simulated severe weather labs. Students’ skills are improved by being exposed to real-life scenarios in which they would have to act fast and efficiently. One of the benefits Morschauser commented on, was the ability to incorporate archived data into the systems so even if notable weather is nowhere to be found, learning can continue on schedule.

Students at MSU are also encouraged to build and share weather graphics on social media as much as possible. During recent severe weather, students live-tweeted from the studio using VIPIR and its social tool to update the MSU Weather Twitter account. MSU clearly knows how to engage followers and share relevant weather information on social media, because its weather account has roughly 2,500 followers and gains 1-10 new followers each day.

The Benefits of a Lasting Partnership

Baron’s objective is to help students get hands-on experience with equipment and technology they could potentially be using at their first position out of college, making it easier for them to walk out of the classroom and into a job. “My experience working with Baron has been very encouraging,” said Morschauser. “The company’s focus on helping students train for their future careers gives graduates an understanding of the business they wouldn’t have otherwise. I know other universities that partner with Baron will enjoy the same benefits as MSU.”

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