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Stand Out on Every Screen: Baron Lynx Delivers a Strategy for Reaching Viewers on All Platforms

This article is one in a series about Baron Lynx—your link to weather audiences on every platform. Designed with the input of dozens of broadcast professionals nationwide, Baron Lynx helps you present powerful, market-differentiating graphics and coverage every day, no matter what the weather brings.

Fishing forecast on pier. “The way we watch local news and weather is changing,” said Lane Lynn, User Interface Designer for Baron Lynx. “It used to be that when you woke up in the morning, you’d turn on the news. Now, we immediately check our smart phones for the latest updates. That’s why we went directly to the source and worked with more than 70 broadcast professionals to develop Baron Lynx. We wanted to create a solution that made it easy to distribute a station’s weathercast to every available screen.”


With Baron Lynx, your meteorologists have several intuitive tools that give them the capability to reach your audience when and where it matters most. Here are some of the ways Lynx can benefit your station:

  • Create and distribute a consistent 7-day forecast to all platforms
  • Instantly post Lynx-made content to station social media channels
  • Sort and collect relevant social media posts from followers to share on-air
  • Create and send videos directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Automatically publish content to your station website
  • Collect user-generated content

We live in a mobile world—one where anyone is able to access an abundance of information anywhere at any time. In fact, SmithGeiger, LLC, found that millennials are spending only 18 percent of their video-viewing time watching traditional broadcast and cable TV. Fully 61 percent of their overall viewing is being done on digital devices. It’s critical that stations share compelling content and make it available on every platform—on-air, online and on mobile devices—to stay relevant. But as the number of available screens grows, the task of being multi-platform becomes less manageable. That’s where Baron Lynx steps in.


An Identical Forecast on Every Platform

Now, more than ever, it’s important that content is not only available on every medium, but consistent as well. Baron Lynx offers a feature that makes it simple to create and deliver an identical 7-day forecast to every channel.

The Forecast Builder is the ultimate tool for sending accurate, matching forecasts to every screen. Now, meteorologists can ensure that every 7-day viewers see is the same on-air, online and on mobile apps. It’s a fast, efficient way to gain your audience’s trust and enhance your station’s credibility.  Accessible from a secure web-based portal, the Forecast Builder integrates into Lynx and guarantees your forecast will be the same on your station app as it is on-air.

Social Media—It’s That Simple  

“We found through our research that meteorologists are using social media around 75 percent of their day,” said Lynn. “Even when they leave work, they are constantly engaging with their audience.”


The Baron Lynx Social Media Hub makes it much easier for users to find and import the social media content they want to share on-air. Rather than manually search through Facebook and Twitter, a web-based Social Media Hub automatically gathers the posts you want based on user settings. Meteorologists can enter search criteria including specific users, hashtags, keywords, retweets, and images to guarantee they are getting the timeliest and most significant content.

Social media button in Lynx.

Baron Lynx users can sort and search for relevant social media posts to share on-air.


“The system collects the posts you want and stores it for you,” said Sherman Wilcox, Software Development Manager. “After you make your selection, you can edit the look and template of the post before it goes on-air. It does all the work, so meteorologists can free up their time for other tasks.”

In addition to the Social Media Hub that brings information into the system, Lynx also has tools for pushing out your own Lynx-made content to your station’s social media channels.

  • Send posts from inside the Lynx interface with WeatherShare, a one-step solution for improving your social media presence.
  • Create short videos and share them directly to Facebook and Twitter with the Weather Video Producer.
With the click of a button, meteorologists can record and send videos directly to a station's social media channels.

With the click of a button, meteorologists can record and send videos directly to a station’s social media channels.


The WeatherShare tool lets meteorologists create Lynx content and immediately send it to social media followers.

The WeatherShare tool lets meteorologists create Lynx content and immediately share it with their social media followers.


Social media capabilities are growing in significance every day. Earlier this year, Nielsen announced that it will measure total program-related activity across Twitter and Facebook and factor it into station ratings. “It’s not only important that stations have a strategy and the capability to stay active on social media,” said Lynn. “It’s now a part of how they are being reviewed—it’s mandatory.”

Populate Your Website—Quickly and Frequently

Improve your online visibility and increase website traffic by scheduling automatic updates. Export graphics from your Lynx system to your station’s website automatically. The Web Scheduler tool is fully automated; set it once and forget it.

“Users can create frames in a storyboard and set the show to automatically export every day, every hour or every minute to their website,” said Wilcox. “They can share 7-day forecasts, radar images—whatever they want—in an instant. After you set it up, no further intervention is needed.”

Grow Your Audience with User-Generated Content

featured (1)

(Bay News 9 in Tampa used their system’s UGC capability to keep viewers updated during a severe flood event.)

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to involve them in your weathercast. Stations with a Baron-powered app have the ability to gather content from viewers for on-air use. Lynx creates an additional graphics folder within the system that collects and stores user-generated content. It’s all available inside the Lynx interface, so you save valuable time and resources when searching for useable UGC. Meteorologists can select images and videos and immediately share them with your viewers. Your audience can see what’s happening straight from the scene.


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Baron Lynx made its debut at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas. Visit the Baron Lynx landing page for more information.