Monday, November 3, 2014   |   Company News

Telematics West Coast Update

What are the most pressing challenges and opportunities in delivering the next generation of smart content & services? It’s the question Telematics West Coast 2014, which just concluded in San Diego, seeks to answer.

During their presentation, Beyond the Forecast: Taking Weather Data to the Next Level, Baron Services’ Chief Development Officer Bob Dreiswerd, Director of Digital Sales Glen Denny, and Director of Business Development Chris Carr educated attendees, including software development and research executives from major automakers from Ford, Mercedes and GM, about the importance of adding contextual intelligence to insourced weather data. The key takeaway was showing conference attendees how doing this in real-time can lead to safer driving habits.

Each year 1.5 million accidents occur due to weather,” said Carr. “Drivers need weather intelligence in the vehicle that will increase driver safety and improve the driving experience, Baron has been at the leading edge of providing intelligent road weather solutions.”

Specifically, Baron has focused its efforts on filtering location, road, weather and even soil data to enable highly personalized information and alerts to drivers.

Through the early adoption of this weather data by clients including Sirius XM, Honda and many others, Baron’s use of this data has the potential to help drivers reduce the risks associated with weather-related accidents.

“With this information, drivers can anticipate dangerous conditions and adjust their driving styles accordingly,” Carr added.