Wednesday, June 17, 2015   |   Critical Weather

Tropical Storm Bill – June 17 Analysis

Analysis by Kevin Nugent, Forecast Meteorologist, Baron

The remnants of Tropical Storm Bill have been moving north through the state of Texas. Late this morning, the center of circulation was clearly seen moving across the western sections of the DFW metro on high-resolution national mosaic radar. The center will continue its movement to the NNE into extreme south central Oklahoma by later this evening.




Rainfall amounts over the past 24 hours have varied greatly along the path that Bill has taken. Heavy rain bands/squalls have set up, along with the large area of rain just north of the circulation, and determined rainfall amounts across the eastern 1/3 of Texas.  They have varied from trace amounts to as much as 6-8” of rain.


Additional heavy amounts of rain is still expected along the path of the remnants of Bill. A look at the 06z 15km Baron forecast model predicts that the heaviest rains over next few days will be in areas of Texas that have already received heavy rainfall, as well as parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois.