Monday, February 23, 2015   |   Critical Weather

Southern Snows – February 25 Analysis

Analysis by Kevin Nugent, Forecast Meteorologist, Baron

Current radar shows a large area of precipitation affecting a large area of the southern U.S. early this afternoon. Much of the leading edge of the precipitation shield is not reaching the ground due to dry air but this dry air will erode early to mid afternoon for many places. The rain/snow line has also shifted a bit to the north of what was previous forecast but this line will likely drop a little south this afternoon.

Temperatures across areas where the sleet/snow was occurring were right around freezing producing a heavy wet snow. This heavy wet snow will continue moving north and east through the rest of today and tonight.


A large area of the southern US is under winter storm warnings.

southernsnow_warningsNew 12z run of the Baron forecast model continues to show the band of moderate to heavy snow across southern Louisiana, northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, southeastern Tennessee and much of North Carolina. Placement and amounts within the heavy band of snow has remained consistent for the past 36 hours which gives high confidence in exact locations of heaviest snows for the rest of today and tonight.