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Waterman Broadcasting Purchases New Baron Lynx on NAB Exhibit Floor

Market-leading broadcast corporation chooses Baron Lynx to take its weather graphics and coverage to the next level.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 18, 2016—Waterman Broadcasting, the owner of NBC affiliate WBBH-TV, and operator of ABC affiliate WZVN-TV through an LMA with Montclair Communications, located in Fort Myers, Fla., chose Baron Lynx as its new comprehensive broadcast solution for winning weather—expanding the stations’ graphic capabilities and multi-platform reach. The purchase was made directly from the showroom floor at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas where Lynx made its debut in mid-April.

“We are excited to be a launch customer for Baron Lynx,” said Bob Hannon, Director of Production at Waterman Broadcasting. “Baron and Waterman have a long history together, and Baron Lynx is the next step in continuing our relationship to provide the best weather coverage for the viewers of Southwest Florida.”

Baron serves as the end-to-end solution for Waterman Broadcasting, providing radar, digital tools, graphics, exclusive weather analysis and more. The addition of Baron Lynx will continue to enhance the partnership and allow the corporation to reach its audience across multiple platform screens with powerful differentiating graphics and unparalleled weather coverage. Haley Webb, Chief Meteorologist for NBC2, says Baron Lynx will give Waterman a “different look than other computer systems in the market” and will “provide an easier, faster path for making interesting graphics on a day-to-day basis when time is a premium.”

In addition to enhanced visual power and delivering Waterman’s brand to all platforms, Baron Lynx will be used to boost the stations’ social media outreach with tools that instantly post Lynx-made content to social channels, along with the ability to create and send videos directly to Facebook and Twitter. The system’s intuitive interface also makes searching for relevant social media posts to share on-air faster and easier than ever before.

“We look forward to this new offering from Baron,” said John Patrick, Chief Meteorologist for ABC7. “Baron Lynx will provide the tools and data products to continue to deliver Southwest Florida’s most accurate weather forecast.”

Waterman Broadcasting uses weather stories, lifestyle and weather apps for outreach to keep viewers engaged with its brand. In a recent tornado event, the use of Baron alerting technology both on-air and in the stations’ app enabled Waterman to reach its viewers quicker and more efficiently than other stations in its market.

“Our live radar was the first to track dangerous rotation inside the storm,” said Robert Van Winkle, Senior Chief Meteorologist for NBC2. “In fact, using Baron technology within our weather app we alerted viewers 18 minutes before an official warning was issued. Baron Lynx, and its ability to integrate digital solutions, will help us continue to be the leader for local weather in Southwest Florida.”

Situated in a hurricane-heavy market, Waterman utilizes proprietary Baron data to forecast and track high-impact tropical events. Baron Lynx will bring the same best-in-class storm tracking and analysis technology to Waterman, including exclusive products such as the Baron Hurricane Index, Baron forecast model, Baron storm tracks, shear markers and others.

“Our goal at Baron is to extend our customer’s brand of excellence with industry-leading technology—we aim to make them a dominating force in their markets,” said Mike Mougey, Vice President of Broadcast Sales. “Waterman has been a loyal partner with Baron, and now we have the privilege of helping them propel their coverage to an even larger multi-screen audience with more impactful weathercasts.”

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