Friday, February 13, 2015   |   Business Intelligence

Weathering the Workload: How Baron is Saving Meteorologists’ Time

The responsibilities of on-air meteorologists are growing. The pressure of balancing those duties while creating a compelling weather story takes more time and skill than many recognize. In order to combat this problem, Baron has developed a time-saving solution for meteorologists by helping them with their daily weather graphics. Each day, Baron releases a set of Omni weather graphics that highlight the top weather story of the day. Graphics are ready for instant, on-air use, which means less additional work for time-constrained meteorologists.

“Broadcast meteorologists are pulled in every direction,” said Stephen McCloud, Baron’s weather operations manager. “Not only do they have to appear on-air, they are also asked to do social media, to visit schools, radio—they don’t always have time to create their weather graphics.”

haley_article_icy_travelBaron understands the struggle that meteorologists face, and has made available access to daily, pre-prepared weather content every Monday through Friday, with the intention of eventually expanding services through the weekend.

In order to produce the graphics, the team at Baron uses several tools to analyze daily weather and searches for what weather is making the news. If more than one relevant weather event is occurring, they will produce a set of graphics for each of them. The graphics are also not limited to significant weather, such as tornadoes and blizzards. In addition, they are a source of daily weather content including everything from precipitation, to humidity and winds.

Weather graphics sent to clients will not include the Baron banner/logo so each station can apply their own.

Weather graphics sent to clients will not include the Baron banner/logo so each station can apply their own.

All weather graphics are available on the Support Site, and clients can download them from their Omni systems directly into their shows. “Not only does this cut down on work for the meteorologists,” said McCloud, “it also shows users the full range of what their Omni systems can do.”

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