Wednesday, March 16, 2016   |   Business Intelligence, Company News

What Are TV Mets Saying about Baron Lynx?



by Gavin Zingsheim, Lynx Product Manager

During the latest Baron Broadcast Weather Conference held in January, we gave the first sneak preview of the Baron Lynx system. The response we received from customers was incredibly gratifying, especially after months of hard work poured into developing the system.

With Baron Lynx, we aimed to make a system that is truly centered on the broadcast meteorologist. We began with extensive customer research across DMAs nationwide—talking to over 60 broadcast meteorologists, and travelling over 12,000 miles in the process—and continued to get more feedback as development progressed.

We took your input to heart. Baron Lynx combines great daily graphics (our surface analysis looks great in 3D!) with the precision storm tracking and analysis we’re known for.

Ease of use is key. An intuitive interface helps you more easily handle your many responsibilities; it’s easier and faster to put a show together. As Dave Salesky, Chief Meteorologist at KATU-TV, put it, “what is there not to like? Faster and better-looking graphics, too! The learning curve is not a vertical line.”

You can share content across your website and social channels, direct from the system, along with an online portal to ensure that your forecast is just that—your forecast, and it’s the same on-air, online and mobile. We’ve also got ways for you to interact with Lynx from the wall.

Perhaps most importantly, Baron Lynx gives you a powerful weather tool to set your coverage apart from others in your market. Spencer Adkins, Chief Meteorologist at WOWK-TV and one of the system’s beta testers, told us, “we showcased the system specifically on air and behind the scenes on Facebook Live, and the viewer reaction was overwhelmingly positive. People love the visual aspect of Lynx. We love that, along with the ease of being able to display any data you throw at the system.”

The video above shows some early results from our work, and some of what conference attendees said about Lynx. But we’re just getting started. Expect to see lots more, and get hands-on access at AMS Broadcast in June. And if any of your station or corporate management are headed to NAB next month, Baron Lynx will be there in full force, so encourage them to stop by booth C7516 in the central hall.