Weather Monitoring

Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Operations

baron threat net free trialThe web-based Baron Threat Net can help your company mitigate weather risk through accurate, street-level weather and road conditions data for trucking. Accessible on any desktop or tablet browser, along with a companion app for mobile devices, the system ensures your managers and drivers have complete fleet weather awareness—now, and for the road ahead.



Pre-Analyzed Fleet Weather

pre-analyzed road weather conditions

In addition to daily essentials like radar, temperature and more, Baron Threat Net automatically interprets and displays weather’s effects on roadways. You and your drivers will know what’s likely to be encountered on the road ahead, helping improve rerouting decisions and minimizing shipping delays. Road conditions data includes:

  • Roadway Conditions: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Threats: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Current Weather: Cloudy, Freezing Rain/Ice, Light Rain, Heavy Freezing Rain/Ice

Prepare for Severe Weather

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to get the benefit; Baron Threat Net is a severe weather powerhouse that does the interpretation for you. Its Baron Storm Tracks automatically identify the locations of severe storms and potential tornadoes, letting you instantly see them on the map. Rainfall accumulations allow you to see where heavy rainfall may lead to flooding, while the Severe Threats data shows you areas of suspected flooding, hail and wind shear that can lead to tornadoes, all in a single display.

severe weather tracking

Plan Ahead

road weather conditions forecast

Know what to expect, with 72-hour forecast data for temperature, precipitation, accumulation, snow, wind and more. Having this much information this far in advance allows both managers and drivers to make effective safety and efficiency decisions, based on superior fleet weather data. You can also get road weather forecasts for conditions expected 24 hours in advance, helping you make efficient routing decisions and ensuring driver safety.

Compatible with GPS

It’s not just about keeping drivers safe, but also your facilities and personnel. When used on 3G and 4G tablets with built-in GPS, Baron Threat Net allows decision-makers to view the location of their operations center on the map, relative to surrounding conditions. You can monitor approaching severe, winter and tropical weather conditions with extreme precision on an easy-to-use map.

GPS compatibility with weather on a tablet

Comprehensive Road and Weather Conditions

comprehensive road weather

With Baron Threat Net, a host of fleet weather data is at your command.

  • Current Roadway Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Roadway Weather
  • Forecast Road Conditions
  • High-Resolution Radar
  • Forecast Precipitation, Rain/Snow Accumulation, Wind, Temperature and more
  • National Weather Service Watches & Warnings
  • Current Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility/Fog
  • 1-Hour FutureScan® Radar Projections
  • 24-Hour Rainfall Accumulation
  • Baron Storm Tracks
  • Critical Weather Indicators for potential tornadoes
  • Plus more