Risk Management

Handling the risk.

risk management in truckingSafety and efficiency are crucial in running a successful shipping business. Introducing the Baron Weather Archive. With the archive, you can better foresee delays, and anticipate any dangers your drivers are likely to experience on a particular roadway, based on historical factors. Road risk can then be evaluated accordingly. Incredibly powerful and endlessly flexible, the Baron Weather Archive brings with it an entirely new class of fleet risk management.

Flexbile Integration

road weather risk based on historical data

Integration is up to you, allowing you to apply any relevant weather parameter you like. If a particular roadway has a tendency to flood or develop ice, critical data like historical road conditions, road threats, temperature and so on can help you identify that, building a complete picture of risk on any particular roadway. You can overlay extant traffic data, or apply your own driver analytics to identify the best drivers for different types of road and weather conditions. Make effective re-routing decisions based on what history tells you. Or adapt driver coaching programs based on these analytics, ensuring effective decision-making and improved fleet risk management.

Easy to Implement

The Baron Weather API allows all this to happen. Flexible and developer-friendly, it uses REST architecture with common file types and protocols. You can use your existing development libraries. Additionally, with extensive documentation and dedicated onboarding support, we can help insure your implementation is smooth, effective, and entirely custom to your needs.

mobile app developer integrating weather

A Diverse Suite of Archived Data

archive road weather conditions

A comprehensive and diverse dataset is available for the Baron Weather Archive, allowing you to implement only the data products that will be most effective for your application.

  • Roadway Conditions: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Threats: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Current Weather: Cloudy, Freezing Rain/Ice, Light Rain, Heavy Freezing Rain/Ice
  • Radar data (Entire US, Canadian, Australian, European)
  • Baron Hail Path
  • Baron High Wind Path
  • Rainfall data
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Surface conditions
  • Plus more