Supply Chain Optimization

Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Operations

supply chain infographicCombining precision weather intelligence with your existing systems gives dispatches the ability to view trucking routes with weather overlays, flagging potential issues relative to the supply chain, and rerouting drivers around inclement conditions. Efficiency and safety are then assured.



Flexible Integration

weather overlay in TMS

Baron road weather data can be implemented into your Transportation Management System (TMS) with your choice of developer-friendly tools, from a powerful Weather API to a toolkit that allows you to integrate weather data into ArcGIS mapping. Whichever method you choose, Baron provides full onboarding support, ensuring your custom implementation meets the rigorous demands of supply chain optimization.

Comprehensive Data

A diverse range of road and weather data can be overlaid with your TMS. Available products include:

  • US/Canada/Europe/Australian Radar
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Lightning
  • Current and Forecast Road Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Roadway Weather
  • Global Forecast Snowfall
  • Global Forecast Radar
  • Global Forecast Wind Speed and Direction
  • Global Forecast Rainfall Accumulation
  • Global Weather Observations
  • Global Satellite Imagery
  • NWS Watches and Warnings
  • Global Temperature and Wind Speed
  • 1-Hour FutureScan® Radar Projections

lightning strikes and roadway weatherdriver alerts